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We are inviting applications from Students/ Professors/ Advocates & Professionals to Join our Team

Libertatem Magazine has been one of the few names in the field of Legal News & Updates which has been making a difference with its news reporting. We are working hard and trying to create legal awareness through our news coverage and stories, but in this noble effort, we are shorthanded and we need your help. You can help us in multiple ways by participating to volunteer with us. We have multiple roles where you can fit yourself in. Please find the roles below.

Positions Vacant

Articles Division (30 Positions)

Legal Stories/ Review/ Analysis

Political Stories/ Review/ Analysis

Know-How Team (10 Positions)

Law Notes Team (10 Positions)

Work Profile

Legal Stories Writer – Members will be required to publish atleast 2 Legal Articles of around 700-800 words per week. Articles will be on Latest Legal Developments/ Latest Judgement Analysis/ Latest Controversial News/ Explanatory Articles on some Legal Topic etc.

Legal Article such as the following will be expected:

  1. Things to Know about the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019
  2. Is Our Privacy Safe Under The Aadhaar Scheme? A Critical Analysis Of Change In The Privacy Law Regime Post Aadhaar Case In India
  3. A Law Student’s Opinion on Modi Government ‘Threatening Institutional Autonomy’ of CBI and Reserve Bank: Urjit Patel’s Resignation and Governance in Doldrums
  4. Scrutinizing And Scrapping The Legitimacy Of Article 35A
  5. Goods and Service Tax: A year in disguise

Political Stories Writer – Members will be required to publish atleast 2 Political Articles of around 700-800 words per week. Articles shall be on Latest Political Decisions/ Political Controversy/ Policy Analysis/ Legislation Analysis/ Original Stories from Members etc.

Political Article such as the following are some example of work:

  1. Tablighi Jamaat proves Lockdown & Social Distancing Advisories Does Not Apply to Some Hindus
  2. PM CARES or Citizen Cares for PMNRF? Why PM Modi ditched PMNRF and created PM CARES?
  3. Tablighi Jamaat and the Class & Religious Colours of Coronavirus
  4. BJP & Congress Caught Red Handed Violating FCRA; Two Sides of the Same Coin

Know-How Team – Members are required to publish atleast 1 Article each week with no word limit. The article shall be based on Procedural nature of Law and Registrations. Some of the articles are mentioned below for reference.

  1. The Procedure of Registration for MSME
  2. Registration of Marriage in India
  3. International Patent Application Procedure from India

Law Notes Team – Members of the Law Notes Team will be required to prepare notes on all chapters of all Law Subjects one by one which will be freely available to everyone to read.

Who can Apply? 

Anyone who wants to speak up about the recent developments around them and not be just a mute spectator. We empower you to voice your opinion.

For Legal Writer/ Political Writer– Anyone who has some publication in their CVs and is dedicated to spreading awareness among the common people of the nation using facts and not lies when the majority of the media is trying to be inclined towards one side, we strive to remain neutral and cover both the sides of a story. Prior Publication is a must, if not, we will need a sample article from your end to check the quality.

Anyone who feels the media should report stories in an unbiased manner and should not go for paid contents;

Anyone who wishes to be the face of change in the world of media and communications.

For Know-How Team & Law Notes – Anyone who is willing to work towards educating the common people with Know-How Article and be a guiding star for them and anyone who is willing help fellow law students and law aspirants with a reliable and authentic free law notes are most welcome to join the team.

Call For Articles TeamRemuneration

This programme is an invitation to join Libertatem Magazine on a Volunteer Basis. No Remuneration is to be paid for the work; however, exciting perks and certificates will be provided upon successful tenure. This is basically because all the work does is free of cost, we do not believe in selling your work and profiting from it. All your work will be shared for free in open access format forever. All work is done to help the legal community to grow and learn hence, we do not get paid for anything and we would be able to pay. We are working Pro-Bono without any monetary support.


Law Students/ Professors/ Advocates/ Law Professionals can apply for any position he/she desires. They may be from any stream, any year of study and any law college.

For Legal/Political Article Writer – Atleast 1-2 publication is mandatory. If not, you can submit any article that you have written yourself in order to check the quality of your work.

For Know How & Law Notes Team– No Prior publication is required since the Editorial Team will be assisting in the work.

Terms of Membership

We expect the members to:

Understand and respect the deadlines given to them.

Be Proactive and have active involvement.

Be willing to work for 5-7 hours a week.

Be Associated with us on a permanent basis or atleast a year.

Be true and honest in all the dealings.

Perks & Benefits

This position is part-time and unpaid.

Membership Certificate/ Internship Certificate & Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Publication for each article you publish since Libertatem Magazine has both Print and Online ISSN.

Recognition on our Website’s Team Page

Free publication opportunity in our journals for all active members. Visit for our journal details.

Free access to every event organized by Libertatem Media Group or The Law Brigade Publishers.

Preference in Internship in Law Firms & other organizations (only if slots are available)

Opportunity to interact and network with new people from Law School and University around the country and work with some of the best legal minds in India.

Work on exciting, meaningful and innovative projects and will learn skills which will complement your academic qualification.

Selection Procedure

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. After a review of applications and CV by our team, the selected applicants will be approved and a confirmation email will be sent.

How to Apply?

Fill up the Application Form here.

Application Invited on Rolling Basis

For Clarification, Contact Us at

Libertatem Selection Committee can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]. Please feel free to get in touch with us via email for any clarification.


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