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Advertisement Options with Libertatem Magazine

Libertatem Magazine is one of the fastest-growing law websites in India and from January 2020 till August 2020, has witnessed a 100% growth from a unique visitor jump from 6234 visitors (in January 2020) to 104694 visitors (in January 2021).

After reaching this stage, we have decided to offer our Advertisement packages to organizations looking forward to the same.

In case you have a product or any service related to law, you would want to advertise it in a cost-effective manner.

We post all events for free and we do not differentiate between College/Universities and Private Players. This is the reason organizations love to advertise with us. 

However, sometimes, you may need more than just a post on any website. You may need to re-post the same event again to be on the top of our page and to re-market the said event. This is where advertisement plans come in the picture.

One time post is free for all events.

However, for private organization’s paid events, we do offer one free post option if you are exclusively promoting on Libertatem’s Platform as a Media Partner. If a private organization is promoting its event on other platforms and not exclusively with Libertatem, we will be charging them for the same.

Our Statistics (as of January 2021)

  • Unique visitors: 104694/month
  • Pageviews: 3.6 lakhs/month
  • Email subscribers: 46,000+ (we gain around 15-20 email subscribers each day)
  • WhatsApp Groups: 5 groups for Jobs, 14 groups for Events, 9 groups for Courtroom News
  • WhatsApp Subscribers: 6900+
  • Number of Colleges Covered by Campus Ambassadors: 13

Event Re-Marketing Rates + Add on Campaigns

You must be knowing that once a post is published on the website, it goes down the list as soon as we publish a new post. Also, we do post on our WhatsApp group only once. However, with our re-marketing scheme, you can make sure your event is always visible to our visitors.

  • 1 Free Post + 1 Repost on Website + WhatsApp + Social Media + Emails – INR 500
  • 1 Free Post + 4 Reposts [1 repost weekly] on Website + WhatsApp + Social Media + Emails – INR 1500
  • 1 Free Post + 8 Reposts [1 repost every 4 days] on Website + WhatsApp + Social Media + Emails – INR 2000
  • 1 Free Post + 10 Reposts [1 repost every 3 days] on Website + WhatsApp + Social Media + Emails – INR 2500

Formats for Display Advertisement & Rate

  • Website Top Banner/Header Ads – 780*90 pixel display ad [INR 5000/month]
  • On Top of Article Ad [Header] – 780*90 pixel display ad [INR 8000/month] (Hotspot)
  • Between Article Ad [After 2 Paragraph] – 780*90 pixel display ad [INR 8000/month] (Hotspot)
  • At End of Article Ad [Footer] – 780*90 pixel display ad [INR 3000/month]
  • Sidebar Ads – 300*250 pixel display ad [INR 4000/month]
  • Sidebar Skyscraper/Tower Ads – 300*600 pixel display ad [INR 5000/month]
  • Pop-up Ad – 600*600 pixel display ad [INR 10000/month]
  • Sponsored Post – INR 3000/sponsored article with one dofollow/nofollow link
  • Link Insert – INR 2000/link
  • Pre-Roll Video Advertisement – [INR 12000/month for a 15-20 seconds video]

Sponsored Post must be related to the content of Libertatem Magazine

Interested in Advertising with us?

Drop us an email at [email protected] or drop a WhatsApp message at +91-8460198901