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About Libertatem Magazine

Libertatem [Liber-ta-tem] is a Latin word for Freedom. Libertatem Magazine was named keeping in mind the concept of our Magazine which is “Freedom of Speech & Expression”. We, at Libertatem, strive towards creating awareness among the people and let them know what their rights are. Also, we do aspire to keep people informed by the latest happenings in the Courtroom which they would otherwise be unaware of.

Libertatem Magazine serves as a legal awareness resource for all, ranging from Students to Academicians to Practicing Advocates. Libertatem Magazine helps in the formulation of opinions and prepares individuals for a journey through our in-depth scrutinized content on almost all the topics including political, legal, social and a plethora of other matters of national & international significance. 

Our Unique Selling Proposition

We do not sell “what we think is right or wrong”. We strongly believe that media should not sell their own opinion, rather they should work as an organization empowering readers with facts so that they can decide for themself. We, at Libertatem Magazine, strive to bring stories from a neutral point of view with facts and proofs and we proudly stand for Independent and Un-influenced Journalism. With the same thought, we facilitate in creating legal awareness through various sections of our magazine so that “People” can themself make an informed decision. We, at Libertatem, leave it to the people of this country and the world to interpret the information themselves. Hence, our motto and USP

“Empower People; Let them Decide”

100% Free Subscription & Open Access Platform

Distributed through the world’s leading and recognized business associations, organizations, subscriptions and newsstands, Libertatem Magazine serves as the valiant voice for social leaders and responsible citizens, who see inherent value within our community. Sections that include Analysis Articles on Legal & Political Developments, Latest Judgements, Courtroom News, Interview, Opinions, Law Notes, Knowledge Base etc. entice readers to devour information, thereby empowering them to build a strong opinion within themselves and beyond.

Content Coverage proudly covers all Tribunals, High Courts and Supreme Court Judgement and News as well as International Courts (New Addition). It also covers Interviews, Guides, Event & Opportunities for Law Students, Job & Internship Updates, Legal Articles, Political Articles as well as Economic Articles.


Promoters/ Founders

Rahul Ranjan, Co-Founder & CEO

Ankita Ranawat, Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief & President


Anjali Ray, Manager – Networking & Operations

[Interview Division, Opinions Sourcing, Editorials Management, Business Relations Team]

Dhwani Pandya, Manager – Editorial Operations

[Editorial Team & Proofreading Team]

Meenakshi Raj, Manager – Courtroom Operations

[North Zone, South Zone, West Zone, East Zone, International Courts, Tribunals]

Ayush Jain, Manager – Marketing Division

[Campus Ambassador, Organic Marketing Campaigns & SEO In-Charge]

Sweta Subudhi, Manager – Research & Analysis Operations

[Legal Articles Division, Political Articles Division & Knowledge Base Division]

Courtroom Operations

North Zone Courtroom Operations

Liji Anna Thomas, Joint In-charge, Supreme Court

Sanika Sunil, Joint In-charge, Supreme Court

Manoj Raikar, Joint In-charge, Supreme Court

Palak Kalra, Joint In-charge, Supreme Court

Nandini Tripathy, Joint In-charge, Supreme Court

Ritu Tiwari, Joint In-charge, Supreme Court

Muskan Singh, Joint In-charge, Supreme Court

Mary Lavinia, Joint In-charge, Delhi High Court

Shreya Gupta, Joint In-charge, Delhi High Court

Parnika Sharma, In-charge, Himachal Pradesh High Court

Rupa Veena S, In-charge, Jammu & Kashmir High Court

Ritvik Jha, In-charge, Rajasthan High Court

East Zone Courtroom Operations

Swapna Ramaswamy, Joint In-charge, Calcutta High Court

Ronit Sharma, Joint In-charge, Calcutta High Court

Alida R Abhilash, In-charge, Tripura & Meghalaya High Court

Twinkle Priya, In-charge, Orrisa High Court

Simran Dalvi, In-charge, Patna High Court

Vedansh Tandon, In-charge, Gauhati High Court

West Zone Courtroom Operations

Vaidehi Chipkar, In-charge, Madhya Pradesh High Court

Khushi Dua, In-charge, Gujarat High Court

Sneha Sundaresan, Joint In-charge, Bombay High Court

Jaydeep Findoria, Joint In-charge, Bombay High Court

Shikha Mohini, Joint In-charge, Bombay High Court

South Zone Courtroom Operations

Priya Singh, In-charge, Karnataka High Court

Sakshi Kulasri, In-charge, Andhra Pradesh High Court

Jino Mathews Raju, Joint In-charge, Kerala High Court

Parameswaran Chidamparam, Joint In-charge, Kerala High Court

Ananya Mondal, In-charge, Telangana High Court

Shipra Agarwal, Joint In-charge, Madras High Court

Sampreet Pal, Joint In-charge, Madras High Court

Tribunals Operations

Nikunj Mehta, In-charge, National Company Law Tribunal

International Courtroom Operations

Pankhuri Swarnim, Joint In-charge, International Courts

Rithu Krishna B R, Joint In-charge, International Courts

Editorial Operations

Courtroom Editorial Team

Maaz Akhtar Hashmi, Editor

Nandita Mantha, Editor

Srishti Verma, Editor

Aditi Kamble, Editor

Aradhana Gorur, Editor

Shreeya Acharya, Editor

Asawari Deshpande, Editor

Anita Varadharajan, Editor

Shubhada Sonwalker, Editor

Eshvar Girish, Editor

Parv Kumar, Editor

Pearl Yadav, Editor

Michelle Alexandra, Editor

Dhananjay Khanna, Editor

Rupanwita De, Editor

Abhay Raj, Editor

Dewanshi Gupta, Editor

Mitali Khatri, Editor

Prithvi Ganesh, Editor

Srishti Sneha, Editor

Tapamoy Ghose, Editor

Article Editorial Team [Legal/ Political/ Economy]

Srijan Sarkar, Editor

Dhriti Mitra, Editor

Sneha Nair, Editor

Kanika Jain, Editor

Sanchit Meena, Editor


Ayush Menon, Proofreader – Courtroom Division

Krishna VS, Proofreader – Courtroom Division

Seher Bhalla, Proofreader – Courtroom Division

Mansi Raj, Proofreader – Courtroom Division

Palomita Sharma, Proofreader – Courtroom Division

Ajay Raj, Proofreader – Article Division

Research & Analysis Operations

Legal Analyst

Shambhavi Sirothia, Legal Content Writer

Athul Roshal, Legal Content Writer

Punya Datar, Legal Content Writer

Ishika Sharma, Legal Content Writer

Shatakshi Shukla, Legal Content Writer

Nikhat Hetavkar, Legal Content Writer

Shuvasmita, Legal Content Writer

Sujay Agrawal, Legal Content Writer

Tamanna Chachlani, Legal Content Writer

Vallari Dronamraju, Legal Content Writer

Abhilasha Rai, Legal Content Writer

Political Analyst

Namrata Kandankovi, Political Content Writer

Knowledge Base

Deepshikha Ughade, Researcher

Kashish Jain, Researcher

Siddhi Nigam, Researcher

Unnati Khanna, Researcher

Interactive Learning Division

Law Notes

Aditi Prabhune, Subject Specialist – Law Notes

Chetan Agarwal, Subject Specialist – Law Notes

Kosha Doshi, Subject Specialist – Law Notes

Monazza, Subject Specialist – Law Notes

Saarang, Subject Specialist – Law Notes

Satwik Behura, Subject Specialist – Law Notes

Vagisha, Subject Specialist – Law Notes

Vanshikha, Subject Specialist – Law Notes

Yuvashree, Subject Specialist – Law Notes

External Affairs Division

Interview Team

Anukriti Randev, Interview Coordinator

Lavanya Ambalkar, Interview Coordinator

Trishala Sailish, Interview Coordinator

Vidushi Rai, Interview Coordinator

Vishesh Tyagi, Interview Coordinator

Marketing Division

Ayush Jain, Manager – Marketing Division

Social Media Marketing

Isha Nagpal, Head- Social Media Marketer

Darshikha Lodha, Social Media Marketer (Facebook)

Gaurav Lall, Social Media Marketer (Facebook)

Hari Bharadhwaj M, Social Media Marketer (Facebook)

Nijin Raj, Social Media Marketer (Facebook)

Preeti Bafna, Social Media Marketer (Facebook)

Sanjana Santosh, Social Media Marketer (Facebook)

Sanjeev Singh, Social Media Marketer (Facebook)

Campus Ambassador Division

Rahul Bhardwaj, Head- Campus Ambassador Division

Arpith J V, Campus Ambassador, School of Law, Christ University

Mary S. Lavinia, Campus Ambassador, School of Law, Christ University

Aiswarya R. Hormis, Campus Ambassador, National University of Advanced Legal Studies

Paras Gupta, Campus Ambassador, Institute of Law, Kurukshetra University

Supreetha P., Campus Ambassador, JSS Law College

Navaneeth Joshi, Campus Ambassador, M.S. Ramaiah College of Law

Shivani Kinniwadi, Campus Ambassador, Navrachana University