Attachment and Freezing Order Under PMLA: Reason To Believe and Other Inherent Safeguards

The Indian Courts have consistently termed economic offences as a class apart, requiring to be viewed, “seriously and considered as grave offences affecting the economy of the country as a whole and thereby posing serious threat to the...

Law of Damages and its Applicability

INTRODUCTION In law, the term “damages” refers to the compensation in monetary terms for a loss or an injury caused by the wrongful act of another. In other words, “damages” means the sum of money that the law imposes for...

Online Gaming Laws in India & Celebrity Sponsorship Liability

The Madras High Court recently issued notices to Virat Kohli and other celebrities endorsing online gambling platforms, consequent to a petition filed by a Chennai-based advocate against online gambling and celebrity endorsement of online gambling. The petition highlighted how...

Law Relating to Arbitration as a Mode of Alternative Dispute Resolution

This Article analyses the The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, taking into account UNCITRAL Model Law and Rules and also vastly making amendments in the law relating to domestic arbitration contained in the 1940 Act. It also discusses the salient features of the said Act.

Law Relating to Lok Adalats as a Mode of Alternative Dispute Resolution

The legal system should be able to deliver justice expeditiously on the basis of equal opportunity and provide free legal aid to secure that opportunities for securing justice are not denied to any citizens by reasons of economic or other disabilities. It was in this context that the Parliament enacted the Legal Services Authority Act, 1987, and hence lead to setting up of Lok Adalats.

The Ban on Online Gaming by the Tamil Nadu Government – The Right Way Forward?

The Madurai bench of the Madras High Court heard public interest litigation concerning the ban of certain online games, an ordinance was later passed in this regard. However, the Ordinance leaves several questions unanswered, for example, manifesting as the clear lack of a definition of ‘wagering’ and ‘betting’.

ITC not Monopolizing ‘Magic’ in “Magic Masala’: Madras High Court

A seven-year-old legal dispute between two FMCGs was finally disposed of by the Madras High Court on June 10, 2020. The suit was filed by ITC (“Plaintiff”), a well-known company originally engaged in the tobacco business which had successfully...

Delhi High Court Allows the FMC Corporation To Amend Its Defective Plaint and Slams the Natco Pharma for Making Inconsistent Pleas in a Patent...

In the matter of FMC Corporation & Anr v. Natco Pharma, CS(COMM) 611/2019 (Suit), the Learned Single Judge of the Delhi High Court (Court) passed an order dated 15 July 2020 (Decision). It allowed the Plaintiffs (defined hereinafter) to...

The “Shift” Shifts: Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishments (Amendment) Act, 2020

“Equality is leaving the door open for anyone who has the means to reach it; equity is ensuring there is a pathway to that door for those who need it” – Caroline Belden The aforementioned aptly encapsulates the measures taken by...

Impact on Statutory Time Limits for Passing an Award on Account of COVID-19 Pandemic

The Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Act, 2015 brought about a serious overhaul to the justice delivery system through arbitration. Out of the number of significant amendments introduced, two very important provisions that were incorporated were Section 29A and Section...

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Kerala HC: First Examine Whether the Course Adopted by the Corporation Is Correct and Then Implement Remedial Measures so Prescribed

The petitioner had prayed in the writ petition for a direction to the Corporation and its officials to ensure that the restoration work of the road was continued and completed only after having removed the existing bituminous road surface and to ensure that the level of the existing road was not increased by the restoration work.

Kerala HC: FIR in Case of Corruption Needs To Be Registered Only After Preliminary Enquiry

On the 8th day of June 2021, the Honorable High Court of Kerala heard and decided a Civil Writ Petition matter filed seeking Writ of Mandamus against the police authorities to register the First Information Report and conduct the investigation.

Kerala HC: Court Cannot Verify Genuineness of Allegations u/s 482 of CrPC

On the 8th Day of June 2021, the Honourable Kerala High Court heard and decided a Criminal Miscellaneous Petition (Cr. M.C) under section 482 of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 (Cr. P.C).

Kerala HC: Environmental Clearance Is Required for Expansion of Pre-Existing Projects

The petition was filed challenging the validity of Environmental Impact Assessment, 2006 rules on the buildings whose construction was started before the issue of rules.

Kerala HC: Panchayat’s Permission to Set Up Industrial Units Exempted if Power Is Less Than 5

On the 11th day of June 2021, the Honourable High Court of Kerala disposed of a Civil Writ Petition in which the Petitioner had sought a prohibitory order of performing unauthorized furniture manufacturing adjacent to the residential area.