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Industrial Disputes Act 1947 PDF Bare Act & Notes

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The Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 extended to the whole of India and regulated Indian labour law so far as that concerns trade unions as well as Individual workman employed in any industry within the territory of Indian mainland. Enacted on 11th March 1947 and It came into force 1 April 1947. It was replaced by the Industrial Relations Code, 2020.

The objective of the Industrial Disputes Act 1947

An act to make provision for the investigation and settlement of industrial disputes, and for certain other purposes. The objective of the Industrial Disputes Act is to secure industrial peace and harmony by providing mechanism and procedure for the investigation and settlement of industrial disputes by conciliation, arbitration and adjudication which is provided under the statute. The main and ultimate objective of this act is “Maintenance of Peaceful work culture in the Industry in India” which is clearly provided under the Statement of Objects & Reasons of the statute.

The laws apply only to the organised sector. Chapter V talks about the most important and often in the news topic of ‘Strikes and Lockouts’. It talks about the Regulation of strikes and lockouts and the proper procedure which is to be followed to make it a Legal instrument of ‘Economic Coercion’ either by the Employer or by the Workmen. Chapter V-B, introduced by an amendment in 1976, requires firms employing 300 or more workers to obtain government permission for layoffs, retrenchments and closures. A further amendment in 1982 (which took effect in 1984) expanded its ambit by reducing the threshold to 100 workers.

The Act also lays down:

  1. The provision for payment of compensation to the workman on account of closure or lay off or retrenchment.
  2. The procedure for prior permission of appropriate Government for laying off or retrenching the workers or closing down industrial establishments
  3. Unfair labour practices on part of an employer or a trade union or workers.

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