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Section 5 of Industrial Disputes Act 1947 Bare Act & Notes

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Section 5 of Industrial Disputes Act 1947 Bare Act & Notes

Board of Conciliation

  1. The reasonable Government may as event emerges by notice in the Official Gazette speak to a Board of Conciliation for advancing the settlement of an industrial contest. 
  2. A Board will incorporate an administrator and 2 or 4 unique individuals, as the Government thinks fit. 
  3. The administrator will be an independent individual and along these lines, different individuals will be people delegated in equivalent numbers to speak to the party to the case and any individual selected to speak to a gathering will be designated on the proposal of that party: 
  • Given that, if any gathering neglects to make a suggestion as previously mentioned inside the endorsed time, the fitting Government will select such people if it thinks they’re fit to speak to that party. 

A Board, having the recommended majority, may act despite the nonattendance of the administrator or any of its individuals or any opening in its number: 

  • Given that if the appropriate Government tells the Board that the administrations of the executive or of some other part have been stopped to be accessible, the Board will not Act till a substitute director or part, by and large, has been designated.

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