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National IP Essay Writing Competition by “IP Matters”: Submit by April 10, 2021

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IP Matters is a student initiative aimed at creating awareness about Intellectual Property Law through articles, facts, basics, and news. IP Matters seeks to create a robust online platform for productive discussions in the field of Intellectual Property Law among the student community and at the same time build IP awareness among the general public.


IP Matters is organising its 1st National IP Essay Writing Competition to promote research and creativity in the field of IP Law. Intellectual property has proved to be one of the most valued assets is the present. It is only bound to multiply in the given technologically advanced environment and with such advancements, there arises legal complexities. Law must evolve according to the subjects it governs. Research is key to successful implementation and adoption of changes. Hence, this competition is organised to catalyses IP enthusiasts to conduct research and bring forth unique ideas.


1. March 20, 2021 Last Date for Registration
2. April 10, 2021 Last Date of Submission
3. April 10- April 30, 2021 Evaluation process by the Panel of Judges
4. May 1, 2021 Declaration of Results


Students, professionals and academicians interested in Intellectual Property Law.


1500-2000 words (excluding citation)


Registration fees:
1. Rs.200/- for single author
2. Rs.300/- for co-authorship (two maximum)
Payment has to be made through UPI to: +91 99865 36612 (Janhavi K M)

Fill the Google Form:

Please note: The transaction receipt must be attached and the transaction ID must be mentioned in the following registration form:


The essay writing competition is Intellectual Property Law specific and a few themes are illustrated for reference purposes. However, candidates are allowed to choose any topic under the realm of Intellectual Property Law for the purpose of this competition.


1. Unconventional trademarks
2. Domain name protection
3. Trademark Parody
4. First to use v. First to file


1. Copyrights for food items, smells, etc.
2. Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions
3. Street Art and Copyrights
4. Fair Use v. Fair Dealing


1. Compulsory Licensing
2. Patent trolls
3. Patent Ever greening

Geographical Indication

1. GI and cultural empowerment
2. Overlap between GI and other forms of IP

Interdisciplinary topics
1. International Organisations and IP enforcement
2. Business Strategy and IP
3. Competition Law and IP
4. Taxation and IP


  1. The text must be in Times New Roman font, size 12. There must be 1.5 line spacing.
  2. All text must be justified. (Alignment)
  3. Citation method: 19th Edition Bluebook, Times New Roman, size 10, single spacing.
  4. An abstract of 150-200 words must accompany every submission.
  5. The word limit for the articles are 1500-2000 words excluding abstract and footnotes.
  6. No endnotes or bibliography allowed.
  7. Plagiarism is allowed only up to 10%
  8. Each confirmed registration will accompany a mail which will contain an assigned
    code. Submission must be mandatorily made using the code assigned.
  9. Submissions must be mailed to [email protected].
  10. No personal information including name of the participants, institution etc. must be revealed in submission mail or the essay.

Failure to follow any submission guideline will lead to automatic rejection of paper.


The double blind peer review method is adopted for the judging process. As the submissions will be made using the code assigned, the reviewer will not be aware of the identity of any of the authors. The first review process is conducted to eliminate all papers that do not conform to the submission guidelines and the second review process will be conducted by subject matter experts.

All papers will accompany comments by the reviewers in the form of feedback to maintain transparency.


1st Prize- Rs.2000 + E-certificate and publication of paper on the IP Matters Website.

2nd Prize- Rs.1000 + E-certificate and publication of paper on the IP Matters Website.

Top 5 papers will receive certificate of merit. These papers may be published on the IP Matters Website subject to certain changes as required.


Poorvika Chandanam
Founding Editor, IP Matters
Mobile Number: +91 8618205769

Janhavi K.M
Editor-in-Chief, IP Matters
Mobile Number: +91 9986536612


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