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About Libertatem Magazine

Libertatem [Liber-ta-tem] is a Latin word for Freedom. Libertatem Magazine was named keeping in mind the concept of our Magazine which is “Freedom of Speech & Expression”. We, at Libertatem, strive towards creating awareness among the people and let them know what their rights are. Also, we do aspire to keep people informed by the latest happenings in the Courtroom which they would otherwise be unaware of.

Libertatem Magazine serves as a legal awareness resource for all, ranging from Students to Academicians to Practicing Advocates. Libertatem Magazine helps in the formulation of opinions and prepares individuals for a journey through our in-depth scrutinized content on almost all the topics including political, legal, social and a plethora of other matters of national & international significance.

About the Campus Ambassador Program

Unlike the conventional role of Campus Ambassadors, Libertatem Magazine has something different to offer. Libertatem Campus Executive Programme is an opportunity for students to act as liaisons between Libertatem Media Group and their institution. It is a chance to develop professional, marketing, communication and leadership skills, along with a prospect of standing away from the crowd.

This position will be basically to build relationships with students, faculty, and professionals, and communicating our proposal(s) to your institution. The Campus Executive program is a paid program where CEs will be allotted several tasks which they would need to complete and submit to the Libertatem Management. Detailed work profile is mentioned below.

Work Profile

  1. Promote Social Media Handle – The Campus Ambassadors are expected to promote our Social Media Handles among their college students.
  2. College News Reporting- You are expected to send us news reports from your college in case any of any student achievement, college events, college news, placement news, general college news/controversy.
  3. Media & Publication Partnership – You should be able to get Media or Publication Partnership for Events organized by your College.
  4. Networking – Be a bridge between Libertatem and your College. You may be asked for contacts of professors of your college so that we can take interviews, articles, opinions from them.
  5. Event Promotion – You would be asked to promote our events (Essay Writing Comp., Article Writing Comp. etc.) among your college students. Each Registration that you bring to us will fetch you a commission of flat 15%. The Commission will be paid after the registration closes.
  6. Notice Board Promotion – You should get our posters affixed on your college’s notice board.
  7. Email Promotion You will also be required to promote our events/ notifications among the college students.


Only Law Students can apply for the post of Campus Ambassador. They may be from any stream, any year of study and any law college.


There will be no fixed remuneration for the Campus Ambassador Programme. However, we will pay a Flat 15% Commission on every Event Participation you generate for Libertatem’s events such as Essay Writing Comp., Article Writing Competition etc.

Terms of Service

We expect the Campus Ambassadors to

  1. Understand and respect the deadlines given to them.
  2. Be Proactive and have active involvement in college events.
  3. Be willing to work for 4-5 hours a week.
  4. Be Associated with us for at least 12 months.
  5. Be true and honest in all the dealings.

Perks and Benefits

  1. This position is tenured, part-time and paid (commission based pay)
  2. Internship Certificate & Certificate of Appreciation
  3. Recognition of active Campus Ambassador on our website’s About Us Page.
  4. Opportunity to interact and network with new people from Law School and University around the country and work with some of the best legal minds in India.
  5. Work on exciting, meaningful and innovative projects and will learn skills which will complement your academic qualification.

Selection Process

Applications are accepted on rolling basis. After review of applications and CV by us you will be sent a confirmation email (if selected).

How to Apply?

Fill up the form here. Application open on Rolling Basis


Libertatem Selection Committee, [email protected]



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