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The OTT Code: Streaming Now

OTT platforms are gaining immense popularity in India. With the increase in popularity, a need to regulate them was felt. How will this regulation code play in the future? Let us look into it. Introduction Over the Top Platforms or OTTs have seeped their way into our daily lives. There’s

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How the Beaver Families Won the Legal ‘Right to Remain’

Environment and modernization are considered to be apart. Climate change is a reality we are facing. Our environment needs more attention now than ever! In such a situation, a decision like this has the potential to reflect the importance of wildlife conservation and the benefits that are shared. Introduction Beavers

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Trial by Media: Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death Yet Another Mystery

Democracy is a form of government which allows for maximum expression of individuals in its set up. However, there are certain restraints to this freedom. This article is a continuation of my previous article, where I’ve highlighted democracy, and it’s contrasts. Press is considered the fourth pillar of democracy and rightly

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The Holy Pandemic: A Conflict Between Right to Practice Religion and Coronavirus

India is a country of diverse culture and traditions. One of the perks of being an Indian is exposure to various cultures and religious practices. Our Constitution was also designed, keeping this very diversity in mind. The Indian Constitution guarantees its citizen the freedom to profess, practise and propagate any religion. Although there

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Counterfeit Currency Scam in Pune: Understanding the Legal Aspects

On June 10, 2020, six people in Pune were arrested for scamming people with fake notes. The counterfeit notes included not only Indian Rupees but also the American Dollar. Sources say that the notes totalled around ₹87 Crores. Officials stated that the planning for this scam began during demonetization in 2016.

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