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Interview with Gaurav Mahindra, Founder and CEO of Mahindra Law Academy

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Gaurav Mahindra is currently the Founder and CEO of Mahindra law Academy. Gaurav Mahindra had graduated from the Institute of Law and Research, Faridabad in 2016 and thereafter his Masters from Sharda University. He has 2 years of work experience at Bar and 3 years of experience in Teaching. In this interview, we would take a look at the journey of Mr Gaurav Mahindra from his Law School days to becoming the founder & CEO of a law academy.

Interview with Gaurav Mahindra, Founder and CEO of Mahindra Law Academy

Shubhi: What inspired you to choose law as a career?

Gaurav Mahindra: Choosing a career was not an easy task for me. I wanted to go abroad for graduation like every other school going student, but my father wanted to see me as an engineer from IIT because I was from a science background.  Obviously, I took admission in Engineering. However, during the first year, I realised that I’m not meant for engineering. Out of 10 subjects, I had failed in 8. It was time for me to look for options that suited my spirit. I found Law as an option for me because I felt that being a lawyer, I will be able to know my rights and also help others in claiming their rights. Law as a career is a very good option because it is not only quite interesting to study at the college level but it also gives immense knowledge and confidence to express oneself throughout the professional life.

Shubhi: Apart from academics what were your interests during the years of your graduation?

Gaurav Mahindra: I’m very fond of travelling and exploring new places by road. So, after every semester exams, I went for road trips along with my friends. I have been convinced since beginning that only academics will not suffice one’s overall development. There have to be some other things by which one can experience the real world around. I found my road trips not just enjoyable, but great stress buster. I also like singing and listening to music. All of them helped me a lot in my college days.

Shubhi: What is your field of expertise when you were practising? When most people want to work in private sectors or in law firms what changed your mind?

Gaurav Mahindra: I worked as an advocate for almost two years in District courts and the High Court of Delhi. I am a first-generation lawyer and as I did not have any kind of support, I had to work as a junior. However, there I learned basics about court proceedings and gradually developed an interest in criminal cases more than civil cases. In all the criminal cases I was pleading on behalf of the accused as a defence lawyer, I realized that defending an accused is not an easy task. An adverse judgement affects not only the accused but his whole family. Directly or indirectly, people’s rights were getting affected. And therefore, it was a huge responsibility to defend an accused. Actually, I found it to be a very demanding job and also intriguing to some extent.

Subsequently, I thought of going for LLM to gain expertise in the legal field. During my LLM studies, I was able to explain some of the legal aspects in an easy manner during discussions. One of my professors, actually my mentor, asked me once to take a class for some juniors. I think I did a good job because after that, teaching my juniors became a regular routine.

It was during this phase that I got an idea to teach rather than practice in litigation, or work in a private sectors or law firms. I am driven by the fact that teaching is a profession by which we are contributing directly to nation-building.

Shubhi: Could you give us some more insight on what kind of efforts you undertake as the CEO and founder of Mahindra Law academy?

Gaurav Mahindra: Every work has its own characteristics and challenges. I derive my inspiration from my father. He worked for almost 40 years in a PSU and I’ve learned from him that whatever you do, you should do it wholeheartedly and with full determination.  My father always strives for perfection and that is what drives me towards perfection. As the CEO and Founder of MAHINDRA LAW ACADEMY (MLA), my compassion for my work makes my work enjoyable and it doesn’t look difficult at all.  I work regularly for nearly 14 hours a day without any tiredness and I must say I derive this positive energy from my father.

Shubhi: Lastly, what would be your advice to the young students at Law School?

Gaurav Mahindra: My word of advice to the young students is that they should be true to themselves. It is understandable that at college level there are so many things apart from studies that students are exposed to. May be, they are also necessary for overall development, however, one should understand how much time is to be given to what activity? Allocating time is very important for an individual as it helps in many ways. They should be focused as to what they want to do after their college and should work accordingly. I’m sure, if they keep their future in mind, they will achieve what they want in life.

Young people should not worry about the failures they may encounter in their search for their goal. Failure is an essential element of success. I have failed many times at different stages in life, but then I worked on my mistakes and have achieved this position. Perseverance is the thing that always keeps me working in the right direction. Therefore, work upon your mistakes and learn from them. That is the essential key to success.

Just remember “There is no way to Happiness, Happiness is the only way”

My best wishes to all the students.

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