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Interview with Adv. Utkarsha Nikam, Co-Founder and Editor in Chief at the Indian Real Estate Blawg (IRB)

Adv. Utkarsha Nikam has working experience as an Associate (Real Estate) at Kanga & Co. She is currently the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief at the Indian Real Estate Blawg (IRB). She has authored several articles in reputed journals and blogs. In this interview, she talks about her experience through her college and job. She further discusses concepts like specialization and internships. She takes us through her journey of selection at Queen Mary University which is a dream of many law aspirants.

Interview with Gaurav Mahindra, Founder and CEO of Mahindra Law Academy

Gaurav Mahindra is currently the Founder and CEO of Mahindra law Academy. Gaurav Mahindra had graduated from the Institute of Law and Research, Faridabad in 2016 and thereafter his Masters from Sharda University. In this interview, we would take a look at the journey of Mr Gaurav Mahindra from his Law School days to becoming the founder & CEO of a law academy.

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