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Job Post: Vacancy for Compliance Supervisor at PayPal, Chennai

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PayPal India is looking to hire for the job post of Compliance Supervisor with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Legal, Criminal Justice, or a comparable field, for its office in Chennai.

Job Description:

  • Applying analytic techniques to complex information sets from GC&E and other adjacent organizations in order to make logical and supported recommendations to leadership and to your direct reports on cases for reporting to Financial Crimes enforcement Network (FinCEN) and/or OFAC.
  • Using best coaching/developmental/inspirational practices to ensure that your teams are successful in the following daily efforts: o Completing time-sensitive and meticulous analysis of each instance of potential AntiMoney Laundering activity and/or suspicious financial activity across multiple jurisdictions and countries; o Managing reviews in an effective and efficient manner
  • Assessing talent and developing Investigators
  • Regularly exercising good judgement in making decisions or recommendations in relation to case investigations and employee escalations from within your team
  • Working closely with PayPal’s People Team to utilize proper corrective action procedures as required;
  • Scheduling, preparing and leading 1:1 coaching, scheduled team learning sessions, and other forums to ensure they are interactive, engaging, and Investigator-driven discussions based upon developmental needs of the team
  • Ability to accurately and thoroughly assess team performance and communicate the same to Investigators on a regular basis to ensure that each member of the team is aware of his/her performance at any given time as well as the development and execution of action plans aimed at improving Investigator performance when needed

Job Requirements:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Legal, Criminal Justice or a comparable field or equivalent work experience;
  • Minimum of 4 years’ experience conducting research and investigations related to Fraud, AntiMoney Laundering, Customer/Enhanced Due Diligence investigation or verifications, Sanctions monitoring
  • Minimum of 2 years supervising an organization of investigators

Competencies and Skills:

  • Proven ability to analyze large amounts of data in order to report critical information
  • Exceptional oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills with the ability to communicate complex information accurately, clearly, and quickly to all levels
  • Ability to lead teams in a manner that encourages Investigators to work efficiently with attention to detail in investigations, analysis, and writing
  • Ability to understand opposing points of view on highly complex issues and to negotiate and integrate different viewpoints within your team and across the organization
  • Ability to recognize the need for change management initiatives, and the ability to lead these while maintaining and driving engagement throughout the team
  • Interact with peers and financial crimes risk professionals, all levels of management, and other internal or external constituents in order to deliver comprehensive views on investigative and intelligence matters and represent reasoning of case disposition
  • High level of professionalism, self-motivation, and sense of urgency Fueled by a fundamental belief that having access to financial services creates opportunity

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