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December 22, 2020 Archives

Sci-Hub Case: Science Journals Publisher Elsevier & Wiley sues Sci-Hub for Copyright Infringement

The case has four plaintiffs, where the first one is a publication giant Elsevier, which publishes more than 2,500 journals, including The Lancet. As is evident from the statements in the suit, ScienceDirect, the proprietary database through which Elsevier generally provides access to their journal contents, acts as a toll-gate to a quarter of the world’s peer-reviewed, full-text a scientific, technical, and medical literature.

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Sister Abhaya Case Verdict Explained

Sister Abhaya was a catholic Nun whose body was found in a well on March 27’ 1992. A special CBI inquiry, however, after a thorough investigation of the said ‘suicide’ case, concluded that it turned out to be a murder case.

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