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Vacancies At Legaleagle Law Forum For Team Members’ Position (Associate And Managerial)

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LEGALEAGLE LAW FORUM is a LAW FORUM based at Nagpur, Maharashtra for the purpose of promotion of legal education and awareness. It is a platform where budding lawyers disgorge their ideas and efforts to encourage legal activities, inspire young law students and help further by bringing various law sources closer to them.

LEGALEAGLE LAW FORUM envisages to facilitate the impartation of legal knowledge by conducting webinars, Q&A sessions, issuance of short books, organizing competitions including call for papers and other activities of like sorts.

Work Description:

For Managers :-
1. Will be in-charge of a team (i.e. social media team, editing team, content team, PR&HR team )

2. Daily submission of report on the work done by him/her and their team.

3. Working towards increasing efficiency of the team and suggesting ideas about the same to founding members.

4. All other supervisory and managerial functions as are suggested by founding members from time to time.

For Associate/Team Members :-
1. All the tasks relating to team they are assigned (i.e. social media team, editing team, content team, PR&HR team etc.).

2. All other tasks relating to organising a competition, evaluation of documents, promotions, contacting lawyers, professors, arrangement for webinars etc.

How to Apply:
Applicants are required to send their application & CV to [email protected]

6 months (minimum)

Note :- We need sincere students who are going to work properly for six months and it will improve their managerial skills, research skills, participation in legal network and many more opportunities.

-No Salary/Stipend
-Students will be given Certificate of Completion and Letter of Recommendation after completion of their tenure.
-Certificate of Appreciation will be given every month based on performance to selected top performers.

10 students

30th September, 2020 by 11:59 P.M.

Feel free to reach us at:
Our website:
Mobile Numbers: 9767595421/7776044305

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