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Internship Oppurtunity at the SYIN & SERN Law Review

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About the organisation- At SYIN & SERN, we are always seeking to push boundaries and create a groundbreaking Law Review. It will be the standard of excellence that will provide the impetus for us to grow into the field we are in. We strongly believe in providing the opportunity to students so that they can pursue their dreams. This will be a long way to go. We will feel incredibly lucky to have you on board and a part of the community which supports creators, researchers and student community as a whole.

Nature/type/work of internship/job- SYIN & SERN extends the opportunity of work from home internship to law students.

Eligibility/experience/qualifications- All information about the eligibility criteria is provided in the next section.

Interns required- Following are the interns required in the SYIN & SERN Law Review.

a. Vice President/Chief Editor- The position of the Vice President is the highest in the hierarchy, the VP/Chief Editor will handle all the operations of the Law Review. VP will be specially provided with (his/her/they) name and signature on the certificates that would be issued to the potential authors in the due course. VP will also be provided with several perks. For more information please read the “policy” on the official website. [Preferably in the 3rd year or above]. Vacant Position-1.

b. Managing Editor/Senior Executive Editor- Should have prior experience in the field of editing blogs and research articles [preferably from the 3rd, 4th or 5th year] Vacant Position-2.

c. Senior Editor- Should have prior experience in the field of editing. Vacant Position- 2

d. Junior Editor- Should be dedicated and hardworking with good researching skills. Vacant Position- 3.

e. Graphic Designer /Social Media Advisor- Someone who is interested in maintaining social media handles, with good graphics sense and can update it from time to time. Vacant Position- 1.

f. Researcher- Should be interested in researching and writing blogs on any contemporary topic related to law. Will be supposed to write 2 blogs in a month (Vacant Position-6).

g. Campus Ambassador- Someone who has a great network within the campus. Vacant Position- 10.

All information of perks provided to interns is provided in the official website “Policy” section.

Location- Online Internship

Who can apply- All the details are provided in the “Policy” page of the official website.

Salary/Stipend -SYIN & SERN believes that efforts of anyone should not go in vain. We will be very happy to pay you a basic stipend. But being at initial stages, the same would be subject to the volume of publications in the initial issues.

Selected candidates will be provided with a basic stipend, letter of recommendation, internship certificate, endorsement on the intern’s LinkedIn profile. For more details, please read the privacy policy given on the official website.

Duration of internship- The internship will be for 6 months. If an intern wants to extend it, the SS Law Review will be grateful to do so. Moreover, if an intern wants to leave the organisation, the intern is allowed to do so on prior notice.

Application Procedure- Mail your applications at the official e-mail id of the SYIN & SERN Law Review- [email protected]. The intern should read the policy provided on the official website and the same must be acknowledged in the Cover Letter and e-mail with a statement “I, name, has read the SYIN & SERN Policy and will abide by the same throughout the internship tenure.”

Please ensure that while submitting the internship application, the following must be included:

(I) A cover letter (150-300 words approx.). It should clearly mention the position you are applying for. A potential intern at SYIN & SERN would be allowed to send in the application for one or more positions. However, the position will be granted on the basis of the credentials and suitability of the intern.

(II) Your CV.

Contact info- For any queries, please feel free to contact on the official e-mail id- [email protected] only. Expected reply within 24-48 hours. You can also contact us at +91-8433128396.

Official link – The SYIN & SERN website is currently under construction. The official link is ( All other social media handles will be created in the due course.

Deadline- The last date of submission for the internship opportunity will be 6th October 2020 (try sending your submissions as soon as possible, as interns will be selected on first cum-first serve basis). Late submission shall be kept under review. Your application will be reviewed within 5 working days and the application status will be informed to the potential intern.


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