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TechLawHub seeks to disseminate information on various aspects of Technology and Cyber Law. Its purpose is to effectually communicate and update its readers with the latest legal developments pertinent to disruptive technologies and cyber space, and to subject such developments to analysis and examination to simplify these ever-evolving fields of law.

The Team aims to foster a holistic understanding of new legal and regulatory concepts pertinent to Cyber and Technology Law in scholars, students and professionals by reviewing and discussing quality information through the internet.

We feature commentaries and analysis of current developments in Technology and Cyber Law. These developments could include a variety of information ranging from recent landmark decisions by International and Domestic courts and the impact of such decisions on the aforementioned field to analytical assessments of legislations and regulations pertinent to the Technological and Cyber landscape. These developments along with their impact on the legal framework and policy issues forms a key piece in our endeavour to simplify Technology and its evolvement in the legal field. Given below is a non-exhaustive list of areas which authors can explore in their articles:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Cyber Security
  • Cybercrime
  • Data Protection
  • Fintech
  • Patent and Copyright
  • 3D Printing
  • Internet of Things

Submission Guidelines:

  • We would encourage the publication of articles which are not beyond 2,500 words. However, if author(s) wish to submit articles which exceed 2,500 words, they may communicate the same to the editors.
  • Co-authorship of up to three authors is permitted. We encourage the use of hyperlinks to cite references and other sources to be in accordance with OSCOLA (4th Edition)
  • Use short paragraphs and meaningful sub-headings. The article should be as clear as possible for your audience, while still maintaining depth.
  • TechLawHub aims to build a community of readers and writers both in and out of legal fraternity. Hence, the publications are meant for both general and technical readers/writers. We therefore, urge you to keep the content as jargon-free as possible.
  • The Authors may submit their posts directly on the webpage- by 11:59PM on September 15th, 2020 . You will be required to furnish certain information such as your name, email address and bio. This information is required to attribute authorship and issue certificates.

Review Process:

  • Once an article is submitted through our website, it will be subjected to review by our editorial board.
  • The editors of TechLawHub have absolute discretion in determining whether to accept/reject a submission for publication.
  • We evaluate articles on the basis of four criteria which include: relevancy, originality of analysis and insight, clarity of content, and language employed in the article.
  • Once an article is accepted, our editorial board may make language, content and structural edits to enhance readability, clarity, grammar, spelling and consistency with our Editorial Policy.
  • Our board will then send back the article with the edits for approval to the author(s). You may either then approve of the edits or make changes and resend the final article via e-mail to [email protected]
  • Upon receiving the approved or the final version of the article from the author(s), we will queue the said article for publication.
  • On publishing, we will issue a certificate containing the link of the published article. The author(s) will be credited with authorship via an authorship box present at the end of every article on our website.

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