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This year marks the 74th anniversary of our national independence and as a tribute
to the struggles then and struggles now the NSS Unit-G, GGSIPU NSS Cell at University
Campus, Dwarka, New Delhi is continuing its annual tradition of hosting Independence
Day Celebrations. In pursuance of our quest to grow collectively as a nation, we are
delighted to share that we’re conducting the ‘Independence Week Celebrations’. A bag
full of wonderful opportunities will encourage productivity among the students across the
nation and help brush off dust from the chests of knowledge that are enclosed in the
cupboards of mind in this lockdown.

Online Elocution (Speech) Competition (Bilingual) – इज़हार
Sub Theme
1. “The India of 2020: Dr. Kalam’s Vision – Expectations and Reality”
“२०२० का बायत: डॉ कराभ की ऩरयकल्ऩना – अऩेऺाएंएवंवास्तववकता”
2. “Atmanirbhar Bharat: A step forward or backward?”
“आत्भननयबय बायत: एक कदभ आगेमा ऩीछे?
3. “73 years after Independence: Revisiting India’s strategic ties with global players
amidst China Standoff.”
“७३ वषों के ऩश्चात स्वतन्त्रता: चीनी गनतयोध के फीच वैश्श्वक शश्ततमों के साथ बायत के
साभरयक संफंधों की सभीऺा कयना।”
4. New Education Policy: “A Long Journey to Success?”
नवीन शशऺा ऩद्धनत: “सपरता की ओय एक रम्फी मारा?”

To participate in the “Online Elocution (Speech) Competition”, Please fill the
registration form:
Click Here
(Kindly refer to the Google form for detailed rules and guidelines)
Last Date to submit entries: 09th August, 2020 (SUNDAY)

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