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Call for Contributions: NLUO’s Edited Volume by Socio-legal Androcentrism and Gender Inequalities: Submit by July 31

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About the Centre

The Centre for Women & Law is a research centre of National Law University Odisha. The Centre works with the combined effort of faculty members – Prof. (Dr.) Rita Ray, Prof. (Dr.) A. Aruna Sree Lakshmi, Dr. Suman Dash Bhattamishra, Dr. Owais Hasan Khan, Dr. Priyanka Anand and students of NLUO.

About the Book

Centre for Women & Law, NLUO is inviting submissions for its edited volume with a multidisciplinary approach on Socio-legal Androcentrism and Gender Inequalities. The objective of the proposed book is to contribute to the dismantling of the metanarrative of patriarchy which relegates women to the ‘second sex’ and hinges her existence relative to the men.

Androcentrism and metanarrative of patriarchy have traditionally influenced and shaped social behaviours, norms and cultural outlook. The same influence is also present in many legal frameworks and policies. Many recent judgements of the Apex Court have also highlighted inherent androcentrism of Indian social norms which is also reflected in law. Accordingly, it’s a transdisciplinary area, which has been revived with judgements like Joseph Shine (2018 SC), Shakti Vahini (2018 SC), Shafin Jahan (2018 SC) etc.


  1. Patriarchal metanarrative and Gender Inequalities
  2. Epistemology of Gender
  3. Modernism, Post-modernism and Gender
  4. Third and Fourth Wave of Feminism
  5. Gender stereotypes and its impact on socio-legal perception of Gender
  6. Law and Gender Inequalities
  7. Customary practices and Gender discrimination
  8. Religious Personal Law and Gender discrimination
  9. Religion, Culture and Gender
  10. Women Empowerment
  11. Gender and Constitutional Claims
  12. Matrimonial Laws and Gender claims
  13. Property/succession law and gender concerns
  14. Law and Sexuality
  15. Labour laws and Gender
  16. Law and the third gender
  17. Gender concerns and LGBTQIA
  18. Criminal law and gender
  19. Politics of gender
  20. Minority rights and gender

Submission Procedure

Academicians, practitioners, research scholars and post-graduation/MPhil students having expertise/interest in the given area/themes are invited to submit the original unpublished paper on or before 30-06-2020 to [email protected]. [Please note that submissions from undergraduate students will not be accepted or acknowledged].

Length of the paper should normally be between 4500 to 7500 words and an abstract of 200-300 words should also be sent along with the paper. The author(s) is/are required to attach a Cover Letter containing all personal details (Name of the author(s), their degrees, Designation, Name of Institution/ Organisation that they are associated within separate document with the entry.

All submissions must be attached with the email in Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) format at [email protected]. The title of the attached file must specify the name(s) of the author(s).

Submission Guidelines

Only original papers will be accepted for publication. A revised version of papers that were published earlier will not be accepted. The book will be published by Centre for Women &Law, NLUO.

Copyright will be with Centre for Women & Law, NLUO and the authors will have to sign a Declaration of Originality and Transfer of Copyright Agreement. With regard to the selection of papers, the decision of Editors would be final. Each author is restricted to one entry. Authors must strictly adhere to guidelines, failing which their submissions may not be considered.

Mailing address for submission [email protected]. Last Date for Submission: 30th June 2020.


The editors of the book are Dr. Owais Hasan Khan and Dr. Priyanka Anand. Dr. Owais Hasan Khan and Dr. Priyanka Anand are faculty members of National Law University Odisha and are associated with the Centre for Women & Law.

Contact Details

Ms. Allena Jai (student editor): [email protected]

Mr. Shivendra Pandey (student editor): [email protected]

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For full details of the call for papers, click here.

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