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Call for Articles & Blogs: Libertatem Magazine invites blogs on Law, Politics or Economics, No Fees, e-Publication Certificate, Submissions on Rolling Basis

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Libertatem Magazine through this notification invites articles for its upcoming issue with a view to showcase the power of the pen and spread wisdom and awareness with the help of amazing articles that would completely change the way a person looks up to the law in this country. 

We at Libertatem, always strive to provide its reader community a digest having detailed informative articles on all the events witnessed by the people of this country. We strongly feel that the voice of common people should reach the public at large and should not be left unheard. We believe that because we are a part of the world’s largest democracy, everyone should have a right to speak their heart out and here we are, providing a platform to let you express your thoughts on every pressing national and international issue. 

Hence, here we are, inviting contribution towards Libertatem Magazine in the form of Articles or Blogs. 

Interested Authors shall submit their article or blog as per the below-mentioned guidelines.

ISSN Declaration & Certification

Libertatem Magazine bears an ISSN 2395-4418 for its Digital Edition from ISSN Indian Office vide letter number NSL/ISSN/INF/2015/863 and at the same time, it also bears another ISSN 2395-6070 for its Print Edition that is allotted vide letter number NSL/ISSN/INF/2015/1029.

e-Certificate of Publication will be shared after the publication of your work.   

Who can submit?

We are inviting submissions from:

  • Students (Law/ Economics/ Political Studies)
  • Professors/ Academicians (Law/ Economics/ Political Studies)
  • Practising Advocates/ Law Firm Associates
  • CAs/ CSs and other finance professionals

Themes for Submissions

Libertatem is a news organization and hence we are inviting Articles/ Blogs/ Case Comments only on recent developments. The article should not be based on any old topics. Please submit your work only on current developments. There is no restriction based on any specific subject or area of research. 

You are free to choose your own topic on Law/ Economics/ Politics

In case you wish to submit a project/ article/ case comment etc on any particular law theme which is not a recent development, you can submit that too but the same will be published in the Law Notes Division. e-Certificate will be issued in this case as well.

General Submission Guidelines

  • Co-Authorship is allowed to a maximum of two authors.
  • Make sure your sentences are not longer than 20 words.
  • Divide your topic into a proper subheading.
  • Use short paragraphs. Keep in mind that each paragraph carries one idea, avoid dragging sentences and paragraphs to make it look like one big chunk of information. 
  • Do not use difficult words. Instead, use simple words. Refrain from over-complicating the language with multiple words
  • Use free tools such as Grammarly to make sure there are no spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • Please refer to the sources as hyperlinks in the body of the text. In keeping with the informal style of the blog and web publishing, it is mandatory for you to refrain from using footnotes and use hyperlinks instead.
  • Submission of the draft post must be in the MS-Word format (.doc/.docx).
  • Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.


The submission must be the Original Work of the Author. No Plagiarism is allowed. Exceptions for plagiarism is Judgement Text, Quotes from Judges or any statement. 

Word Limit & Referencing

  • Although we do not have a strict minimum word policy, we prefer blog posts that are a minimum of 800 words. The maximum word limit is 1,500 words.
  • The submission should not have any Footnotes if there is a need to cite from the Internet, hyperlink it in the Text itself. Hyperlinks are like this.

Submission Procedure

All submission should be made via the Submission Portal here – 

Publication Fees

There is no submission/ publication fee.

Certificate of Publication

An e-certificate of a publication bearing ISSN Number will be issued upon the successful publication of the blog. Publication on the website may take around 5-7 days depending on the blog and the editing involved. Once your submission is published, you can expect the certificates to be uploaded here. You can download your certificate from the given link. 

Grounds for Rejection of your work

  • In case we find plagiarism, your work will be either rejected or sent back to you. This decision depends on the Editor. If you want to check for plagiarism yourself before submission, you can use some free plagiarism checker tools available online such as Duplichecker or Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker which are freely available. 
  • Libertatem’s Editorial Team reserves the right to reject your submission or send the submission back to you for correction. In case the Editorial Team decides to send the submission back for corrections, you will have a maximum of 24 hours to send the revised work to the editor. 
  • Poor English or too many grammatical mistakes will also lead to rejection if you are not able to send a revised error-free version instantly. Same applies to the issue of poor sentence structure.
  • Libertatem’s Editorial Team reserves the right to reject the submission on any other ground not mentioned in this document.

Contact Details of Editorial Board Members

Ajay Raj: +91 7017108290

Ayush Menon: +91 7012717564


Submission Portal: 

Website Link:







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