International Courts

[Vijay Mallya Case] UK Court Denies Release of Funds for Covering Mallya’s Legal Fees

Judge Sebastian Prentis, who presided over a remote hearing at the Insolvency and Companies Court (ICC) of the High Court in London, concluded that Mallya had failed to provide the "basic information" required for such a validation order and agreed only to allow sufficient funds to cover an appeal hearing scheduled in the bankruptcy case for Wednesday.

Constitutional Court of South Africa Declares Provisions of Domestic Workers’ Injury Compensation Legislation To Be Unconstitutional

The Constitutional Court of South Africa in Sylvia Mahlangu v Minister of Labour , declared parts of the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (COIDA) to be unconstitutional as it infringed fundamental rights of workers as provided under...

Hong Kong High Court Rules for Independent Mechanisms To Be Set up To Deal With Complaints Against Police Officers

The present suit was brought by a journalist association because of the police brutality that the protestors faced in the protests against the China extradition bill. The protests led to many arrests and violations which caused widespread concern about...

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rejects Trump Campaign’s Claims of Close Range Ballot Watching

The suit went through several courts in the system, being overturned by one court after another with opposing decisions. The Supreme Court has laid the claims of the Trump campaign to rest. It was held that the range that...

Donald’s Last Days: Penn SC Rejects Trump Campaign Lawsuit Over Election Observers

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has rejected allegations of state law violations made by President Trump’s campaign over election oversight in Philadelphia county. Background The case concerned the processing of mail-in and absentee ballots received from voters in Philadelphia County in...

Supreme Court of the United Kingdom To Deliver Final Judgment in COVID-19 Insurance Test Case

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom began its’ four-day hearing in the matter of Financial Conduct Authority v Arch Insurance . The appeal concerned the construction of certain provisions in insurance policies written by the Appellant Insurers relating...

European Union Filed Charges Against Amazon Under Anti-Trust Laws

The European Union opened a twofold investigation on Amazon and its business activities, in the European Economic Zone. It has clearly conveyed to the public that the statement of objection or the opening of the investigation, just not show...

English Commercial Court Rejects Kuwait’s Appeal for English-Jurisdiction Over Multibillion-Dollar Lawsuit Following the Lugano Convention and Brussels Regulations

The English Commercial Court of the Queen’s Bench Division rejected an appeal from a Kuwaiti public body that sought to claim English-jurisdiction over 37 defendants alleged to have been associated with a multibillion-dollar civil fraudster.  Background The Public Institution for Social...

Supreme Court of Guinea Declared Two Time President of Guinea as Winner of Elections for Third Time 

Background Conde is Guinea’s first and only democratically elected president. Conde, the country’s current president finished two terms in office and campaigned to change the constitution, in order to circumvent the two-term limit that the constitution prescribes. Earlier this year,...

President Hashim Thaci of Kosovo Will Face Charges for War Crimes in Hague.

Author: Rithu In the present case, President Hashim is being accused of war crimes of the 1990s regarding an armed conflict against the Former Republic of Yugoslavia. This was in furtherance of liberating Kosovo from the hold of Siberia  Background  In 1989,...

Latest News

Kerala HC: First Examine Whether the Course Adopted by the Corporation Is Correct and Then Implement Remedial Measures so Prescribed

The petitioner had prayed in the writ petition for a direction to the Corporation and its officials to ensure that the restoration work of the road was continued and completed only after having removed the existing bituminous road surface and to ensure that the level of the existing road was not increased by the restoration work.

Kerala HC: FIR in Case of Corruption Needs To Be Registered Only After Preliminary Enquiry

On the 8th day of June 2021, the Honorable High Court of Kerala heard and decided a Civil Writ Petition matter filed seeking Writ of Mandamus against the police authorities to register the First Information Report and conduct the investigation.

Kerala HC: Court Cannot Verify Genuineness of Allegations u/s 482 of CrPC

On the 8th Day of June 2021, the Honourable Kerala High Court heard and decided a Criminal Miscellaneous Petition (Cr. M.C) under section 482 of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 (Cr. P.C).

Kerala HC: Environmental Clearance Is Required for Expansion of Pre-Existing Projects

The petition was filed challenging the validity of Environmental Impact Assessment, 2006 rules on the buildings whose construction was started before the issue of rules.

Kerala HC: Panchayat’s Permission to Set Up Industrial Units Exempted if Power Is Less Than 5

On the 11th day of June 2021, the Honourable High Court of Kerala disposed of a Civil Writ Petition in which the Petitioner had sought a prohibitory order of performing unauthorized furniture manufacturing adjacent to the residential area.