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Kerala High Court Sets Guidelines for Issuing Passports to Criminal Defendants

The Kerala High Court issued a major judgment recently, laying out a set of rules for criminal courts to follow before giving authorization for the issuing of passports to people facing criminal charges.

Kerala HC: Public Servant’s Actions Not Dishonest but Contrary to Departmental Rules Are Not Criminal Acts

Recently, the Kerala High Court dismissed an inspection case and said that under the Prevention of Corruption Act, actions that are opposed to the standards but are not done with the purpose to defraud are not considered criminal misbehaviour.

Karnataka HC: Breastfeeding Is an Inherent Right of a Lactating Mother Protected by Article 21

Early in this October the Karnataka High Court held that the infant has a right to be breastfed and this has also been incorporated with the mother's right under Article 21 of the Constitution of India because breastfeeding is a crucial aspect of motherhood.

Kerala HC: District Consumer Forums Authorized to Issue Commissions for Local Inspections

Recently, the Kerala High Court decided that a District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has the same power and authority as a civil court under the Code of Civil Procedure to order commissions for local inspection. 

Karnataka High Court Dismisses PIL Against “Cauvery Calling Project”

Recently, the Karnataka High Court rejected a writ petition seeking an injunction to prevent Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev's Isha Outreach Foundation from obtaining public funds for the "Cauvery Calling Project," which entails growing tree saplings along the Cauvery river bank.

Kerala HC Directs Medical Education Board to Investigate Queerphobic MBBS Course Content to Eliminate Stereotypical Remarks Against the Community

The Kerala High Court recently ordered the Undergraduate Medical Education Board to respond to a plea made by two queer local organizations seeking the elimination of discriminating and inhuman remarks regarding the LGBTQIA community in MBBS textbooks. 

The Original Owner Has No Right to Seek the Restoration of the Land, Once Vested With the State – Madras High Court

Excerpt Recently, Madras HC held that once the land has been acquired by the State and compensation has been given to the claimant, the claimants are not entitled to restoration of property on the grounds that either the primary public objective...

Payment of Arrears of Electricity Charges for the Property Is a Requirement for Permitting the Power Connection: Karnataka High Court

Excerpt The Dharwad Bench of Karnataka High Court in a recent case held that the payment of the reasonable arrears of electricity charges are necessary to be paid even by the new owner of a property to get access to...

Madras HC Slams BSNL For Unjust Enrichment As They Fail to Utilize Land For 20 Years 

Madras High Court criticized BSNL on Wednesday for essentially taking individual A. S. Marimuthu's property by paying a meagre sum of Rupees 1.

Madras High Court Asked Education Authorities To Show More Concern While Dealing With Students

The High Court of Madras recently observed that while dealing and interacting with students, the school administration and authorities must be more supportive and understanding, especially during this pandemic situation.  

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