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The Original Owner Has No Right to Seek the Restoration of the Land, Once Vested With the State – Madras High Court

Excerpt Recently, Madras HC held that once the land has been acquired by the State and compensation has been given to the claimant, the claimants are not entitled to restoration of property on the grounds that either the primary public objective...

Payment of Arrears of Electricity Charges for the Property Is a Requirement for Permitting the Power Connection: Karnataka High Court

Excerpt The Dharwad Bench of Karnataka High Court in a recent case held that the payment of the reasonable arrears of electricity charges are necessary to be paid even by the new owner of a property to get access to...

Madras HC Slams BSNL For Unjust Enrichment As They Fail to Utilize Land For 20 Years 

Madras High Court criticized BSNL on Wednesday for essentially taking individual A. S. Marimuthu's property by paying a meagre sum of Rupees 1.

Madras High Court Asked Education Authorities To Show More Concern While Dealing With Students

The High Court of Madras recently observed that while dealing and interacting with students, the school administration and authorities must be more supportive and understanding, especially during this pandemic situation.  

Andhra Pradesh HC Furnishes Bail In Sedition Case to Suspended Judicial Officer Who Voiced His Discontent On Government’s Functioning

A single-judge bench of Justice R. Raghunandan Rao released the suspended judicial officer by granting him bail, who had earlier expressed his displeasure about the working of the government and was booked under sections 124A, 153, 153A of IPC.

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