Ceasefire Agreement: A Step Towards A Renewed Belligerence?

Ceasefire agreements are commonplace for countries in an eternal arms struggle. These agreements do not have profound longevity to regulate violence at international borders. The first-ever ceasefire agreement signed on July 27th, 1953 was called the armistice.

Military Coup in Myanmar: What is Happening and Why?

“A Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, and for the people" This famous quote by Abraham Lincoln clarifies that a bona fide democracy, inter alia, must extend to all its citizens, equal rights and duties, such...

A Comparative Analysis of the Constitution and Democracy of the United States and India

The United States ("U.S.") and India have a healthy relationship ranging from trade to military security. Both countries share the aspect of breaking free from the rule of their British masters. The attainment of independence over their respective lands is...

Analysing the Constitutional Validity of Assam Government’s Decision to Shut All State-Run Madrasas and Sanskrit Tols

BJP led Assam government in the past week, decided to shut down all the state-run madrasas and Sanskrit tols. 6 months earlier, the Assam government had proposed the same. But initially, it was only talking about madrasa. The government...

Explained: The Battle for Bengal 2021 Polls

The surprising entry of AIMIM & the growth of BJP in WB after the 2019 Lok-Sabha elections, has heated the battle of West Bengal 2021 polls. This article provides a comprehensive view on the subject matter by briefly laying...

Bombay High Court Asks the Maharashtra Government To Submit the Status of Anti-Human Trafficking Units

The Bombay High Court has asked both the state and Central Governments to provide the data about the number of anti-trafficking units set up in Maharashtra and the steps taken by the Government to ensure that the law is implemented both in its letter and spirit. February 17th was given as the deadline to both the governments to respond.

Supreme Court Asks for the Centre’s Response on PIL Filed Seeking the Formation of a Media Tribunal

The Supreme Court sought responses from the Press Council of India (PCI), News Broadcasters Association (NBA) on a PIL which sought to set up a media tribunal to tackle issues concerning the media like complaints against media, channels, and networks. Media has become like an unruly horse that has to be tamed to express the plea.

Farmers Meeting With the Supreme Court Committee Postponed To Jan 29 Due To the Traffic Restrictions

Due to the traffic restrictions after the violent protests broke out on Republic Day, the meeting of farmers with the Supreme Court Committee that was supposed to take place today was postponed to 29th January.

Mercy Plea of Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Case To Be Decided in Four Weeks, TN Governor To Supreme Court

Tamil Nadu Governor Banwarilal Purohit on Thursday told the Supreme Court that a decision on the mercy petition of one of the convicts serving a life sentence for the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, AG Perarivalan will be taken within four weeks. The petition has been pending with the Governor since December 30, 2015.

Farm Laws To Be on Hold for 1.5 Yrs, Government Is Scared and Is Looking for Ways To Save Its Skin: BS Brar

The farmers who attended the 10th round of negotiations told that the centre was ready to put the three controversial farm laws into the freeze for the next one and a half years and will be communicating this to the Supreme Court through an affidavit. The farmer unions who sought the repeal of these farm laws said they would consider this proposition and also added that the government was unnerved by their plans of a big tractor rally on Republic Day.

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