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Farm Laws To Be on Hold for 1.5 Yrs, Government Is Scared and Is Looking for Ways To Save Its Skin: BS Brar

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The farmers who attended the 10th round of negotiations told that the centre was ready to put the three controversial farm laws into the freeze for the next one and a half years and will be communicating this to the Supreme Court through an affidavit. The farmer unions who sought the repeal of these farm laws said they would consider this proposition and also added that the government was unnerved by their plans of a big tractor rally on Republic Day.

Balkishan Singh Brar of the All-India Kisan Sabha said that in the 10th round of negotiation the government gave a new proposal stating that they would set up a special committee that would consider the three new farm laws along with other demands of the farmers. He added that the government also told that they would put a hold on these farm laws for one and a half years until the committee completes the review.

Previously the farm laws were put on hold for at least two months with the Supreme Court creating a committee to look into the demands of the farmers and submit a report on the same. However, the farmers were not satisfied by the committee as it consisted of members who had supported the farm laws in the past. One of the members also stepped down.

Mr. Brar commented,

“The Government is scared and is looking for ways to save its skin”.

He said the farmers will be meeting the police tomorrow to discuss the event of the January 26th protest. The farmers said that there will be around 1000 tractors that will be going around the periphery of the city covering major places.

The Government opposed the rally saying that such a rally on a day like Republic day would embarrass the nation.

Despite the Government’s appeal to the Supreme Court to take a stand on the matter the Supreme court refused and held that it was the sole decision of the Delhi Police to determine who enters Delhi and thus it would be apt for them to take a call on the matter.

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