Adrija Bhattacharya

Supreme Court Ruling Clarifies the Difference Between ‘Parole’ and ‘Furlough’

Courts have weighed the differences between "furlough" and "parole" and the principles relating to their grant.

SC: State Police Must Continue Investigation of a Schedule Offence Till NIA Takes Over

According to the Supreme Court, the State Police must investigate a Schedule Offense until the National Investigation Agency takes over the investigation.

The Supreme Court Disqualifies Revenue Records as Title Documents

It was noted in a judgment by the Supreme Court that revenue records were not documents of title. A lessee could not be allowed to obtain a land right solely based on an entry in the revenue records, according to the Court.

SC: Onus Of Proving Deficiency In Service On the Complainant Under the Consumer Protection Act

The Supreme Court observed that when a complaint arises from a consumer, the onus of proving that the service was defective was on the complainant.

SC: Lok Adalat Has No Jurisdiction to Settle Dispute on Merits When No Compromise Or Settlement Could Be Reached

The SC concluded that Lok Adalat has no jurisdiction to decide the matter on merits Once it is determined that no compromise or settlement could be reached between the parties.

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