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Explained: The Political Crisis in Nepal

On December 20th, K P Sharma Oli, the Prime Minister of Nepal dissolved the Lower House Parliament of the country in an unprecedented move. This led to huge protests all over the country. The government has two years left...

The Transition Tradition in USA

Trump is still involved in legal challenges regarding elections after Biden is formally elected President by the electoral college on December 14th. Introduction The world has been reviving from the pandemic. Among other things, US elections have been one of the...

Is Offering Free COVID-19 Vaccine a Violation of the Poll Code?

On October 31st the Election Commission (EC) gave a clean chit to BJP in Bihar. The EC said that declaring free COVID-19 vaccine to the state of Bihar as part of election promises is not in violation of the...

Can There be an Alternative for Stubble Burning?

The only alternative as of now for stubble burning is the straw management machines. The government should make them affordable to curb stubble burning. On October 26th the centre told the Supreme Court that there would be a separate...

Targeting the Supreme Court Judges

A letter was written by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister to the Chief Justice of India on October 6 targeting one of the top Supreme Court Judges in the country with some serious allegations. Introduction The judiciary has been witnessing some of the...

The Right to Information and its Working of 15 years

On 12th October 2020, RTI finished fifteen years since its commencement. The question remains whether the legislation stands up to its promises. Introduction India, one of the biggest democracies in the world, has lost its democratic thread in the recent past. Transparency...

Is India Truly Following the Footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi?

On October 2, 2020, it was the 151st birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. India couldn’t celebrate it due to many reasons. The reasons which might upset the Father of the Nation, as India was not what he dreamed it...

What Are the Effects of the 2020 Farmers Bills?

Farmers have been protesting since mid-September against the three farm bills. The bills aim at giving freedom to the farmers on one hand and might even grab their livelihood through another. The protests are spreading throughout the country from...

Abandoned Refugees: Do Governments and Countries Actually Work for them?

Thousands of refugees have been abandoned at sea by the Greek officials in the past few months. Many were left at the coast for rescue. Greece denies all the accusations of illegal pushback of the refugees. Introduction: Refugee problems never seem to die...

Explained: Events That Led To the 2020 Rajasthan Political Crisis

The government has been toppled in the state of Rajasthan, following which petitions have been filed in the High Court and the Supreme Court. The petitions challenged the status of the speaker and also challenged the majority of the...

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Understanding Contingent Contracts Under the Indian Contract Act

A contingent contract is a contract to do or not to do something, if some event, collateral to such contract, does or does not happen.
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Analysing the Central Vista Project: India’s New Parliament

The government will spend around Rs. 1000 Crore for the new parliament building, right in the center of India’s capital.

Explained: Farm Laws 2020 and its Effect on Indian Farmers

In the recent past, our government has come up with three different ordinances related to agriculture which has infuriated the farmers of our nation.

Job Post: Vacancy for Associate at Sony Pictures Networks India Private Limited, Mumbai

Sony Pictures Networks India Private Limited is looking to hire an Associate with 3-5 years of PQE from Media and Entertainment Industry, preferably with...

Analysing the Enforcement Of Foreign Arbitral Awards In Light Of the Vijay Karia Case

Section 34 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (Hereinafter “Act”) lays down the basis for setting aside arbitral awards made in domestic and foreign arbitrations held in India. Though international awards cannot be contested in India, the compliance of such awards in India may be validly challenged by the award debtor on the grounds set out in Section 48 of the Act. The grounds set under both these sections are almost similar, one of the grounds being that the arbitral award is found contrary to the “public policy of India”. The question of the constituent elements of “public policy” have been discussed in a number of cases, however, in a recent case of Vijay Karia & Ors. V. Prysmian Cavi E Sistemi Srl & Ors, the SC drew attention to this point viz-a-viz foreign award.