Meher Mansi

Two Million People Still Questioning their Citizenship Status Even After An Year of Assam’s NRC

The final list of Assam’s NRC has been published on August 31st, 2019. It specifies the number of included and excluded people. As many as 19 lakh people await for rejection slips, to contend the same in the foreign...

All about the Manipur Political Crisis

The Manipur government was toppled in June. It is as a result of the resignation of MLAs. On August 10, 2020, the BJP coalition government in Manipur won the voice trust vote and retained the house.  Introduction All’s well that ends...

A Step Towards Development in India: The Historical 74th Independence Day Red Fort Speech

Prime Minister on the 74th Independence Day has given an 86-minute-long speech addressing the nation. The speech covered topics ranging from sanitation and health to retaliation and Atmanirbhar. Introduction Pandemic has taken a toll on all the people. It has left...

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