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How the Energy Demands are Diminishing During the COVID-19 Crisis

India is the third-largest energy consumer in the world. However, the rigorous lockdown has changed the situation. Today, India is facing a huge decrease in energy demands.  Before the pandemic, the nation was at the forefront of the worldwide energy transition. It had the aim of a 175-gigawatt (GW) sustainable

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Applying the Principle Of Harmonious Construction In Resolving Conflicts Between 2 Parties In the Case of Labour Law

A writ petition was filed by a Karnataka based company Ficus Pax Pvt. Ltd. challenging the constitutional validity of a March 20th notification by the Labour Secretary. This Article examines the Doctrine of Harmonious Construction looking at this case at hand. Doctrine of Harmonious Construction Law, in the simplest terms, is a set of rules for the preservation of peace and security within society. The laws drafted by

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The PM ‘CARES’ But For Who?

The Prime Minister created a dedicated emergency fund in the wake of COVID- 19 pandemic. This fund recently came under backlash. The PMO appealed to the country for donations in light of the severe health and economic consequences posed by the COVID-19. The PMO stated that donations to the fund

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