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May 4, 2020 Archives

Bombay HC: ASHA Workers are at the forefront of fight against Covid-19, ensure proposed payment of Rs. 200/day instead of Rs. 1000/month

In this case, a batch of PILs was filed regarding the steps taken by the government to deal with Covid19 situation. The court discussed that the state has to take more steps to undertake rapid testings of citizens. The court also finds that ASHA workers are not paid fairly. So the court decided that ASHA workers should be paid Rs. 200 per day instead of Rs. 1000 per month.

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Bombay High Court allows employers to deduct wages of absentee employees in areas where restrictions are relaxed

The petition was filed in Bombay High Court against the order of the government which states that workers would be paid their monthly wages. The court discussed the issue and decided to not interfere in the order as the matter related to same issue is pending before the court. But the court said that areas where lockdown is lifted, the employers can deduct wages if worker s are absent.

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