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A Common Code Is Needed; Citizens Shouldn’t Struggle Due to Conflicts in Personal Laws: Delhi HC

The Delhi High Court held that parties follow Hindu customs for the purpose of marriage, then during a divorce proceeding the Court would be inclined to hold that the HMA, 1955 would be applicable to them. The Court also stated that a Uniform Civil Code is necessary to eliminate struggles and conflicts that arise due to contradictions in the personal laws.

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Delhi High Court Stays the Order of Transferring HIV+ve Jawan, Says Justice Has To Be Tempered With Mercy

The Delhi High Court while acknowledging the severity of the disease stayed the order which had relieved the HIV+ Jawan and had instructed him to report to Cachar, Assam in spite of filing an application for voluntary retirement. The Court observed that “compassion must inhere in the approach of every Court which practices equity.”

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Centre Opposes Plea To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage: Delhi High Court

The Centre in its plea negated the need for same-sex marriages. With respect to the Navtej Singh judgement, they stated that “only made a limited declaration to decriminalize a particular human behavior, which was a penal offence under S.377 IPC. The said declaration was neither intended to nor did, in fact, legitimize the conduct in question.”

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