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Parley with Miss Vasundhara Shankar, Legal Head,

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MyAdvo in association with Law Pundits is glad to present for the first time in India, an expo dedicated to the technology and innovation in the legal domain around the world. The Legal Tech Fair will not only showcase the existing technologies in the world but will also talk about innovation in future technology in the legal domain around the world.
Legal Tech Fair focuses on providing a platform to various tech and other service firms helping the legal fraternity with their products and services. This event is aimed at providing legal tech companies and service providers access to several thousand law professionals. Alongside will be the leading legal technology software service providers promoting their products and services to these markets. This year we will be hosting the Legal Tech Fair in New Delhi, India. Being the capital of India, it is also considered a legal hub for everything related to law. It provides an in-depth spectacle at the developments in the Legal – Tech Space – and also offers you a chance to interact with some of the most innovative and creative minds from around the world. Through this event, we intend to feature some of the cutting edge technology companies in the legal space. There will be workshops, exhibits and panel discussions on the latest innovations in the legal domain.
Libertatem Magazine got in touch with Miss Vasundhara Shankar, Legal Head, and discussed the importance of technology and innovation in the legal domain. Let’s see what she says.
You are leading various departments at MyAdvo. Could you please let our readers know what is MyAdvo all about and what are the services it offers?
The fight for justice in India is considered to be one of the most formidable and daunting battles. MyAdvo is a legal concierge making Legal Simple for one and all! With its team’s vision to make law accessible and affordable for everyone, MyAdvo was ideated and executed connecting clients to lawyers.
MyAdvo collates thoroughly researched and detailed profiles of lawyers registered with us, ensuring their expertise is genuine and their experience authenticated, before connecting them to the clients. We’re a one stop legal solution Making Legal Simple for individuals, corporates, SMEs, start-ups, etc. Ideated and envisioned to facilitate legal services, MyAdvo came into existence to change the way legal industry functions in India. Lack of information available on lawyers when one searched online, information relating to their specializations, fee structures etc., were not accessible to an aggrieved litigant, pushed a team of young, driven and focused individuals to form MyAdvo: a legal tech company that enables users to find the ‘right’ lawyer by providing relevant, curated and authentic information on lawyers and law firms, helping users to make an educated decision while seeking legal assistance and fighting for justice.
We came to know about an upcoming Legal Tech Fair 2017 which MyAdvo and Law Pundit is organizing. Could you please throw some light on the event? What exactly is the event all about?

The Legal Tech Fair, 2017 is India’s first EVER Legal Tech event! While legal – tech has become a hackneyed term all over the world, it remains a comparatively new term in the Indian legal universe. Through the Legal Tech Fair, 2017, ideated and conceived by Law Pundits, being co-organized and co-hosted by MyAdvo, the two futuristic companies wish to establish and celebrate the advent of technology in law, in India!

At the Legal Tech Fair, 2017, we have a twofold agenda including a conference and an exhibition of revolutionary legal -tech products. The conference, planned throughout the day is divided in 5 intriguing panel discussions being chaired and attended by relevant leading Legal legends and technology gurus. The Legal-tech Event aims at pushing forth a revolutionary discussion in the presence of the leading names in the industry and to channelize talent in the technology industry to develop products which will bring forth an instrumental change in the legal system.

Who would be the potential attendees of the event?

From Lawyers to Tech Enthusiasts, Legal professionals, Law firms, General Counsels, Software Companies developing tech products, Investors looking to invest in innovative companies – We believe the Legal Tech Fair, 2017 is a must attend event for anyone and everyone who is involved with the Legal Industry!

Please let us know how would the attendees benefit from the event?

Attendees at the Legal Tech Fair, 2017 shall get a chance to listen to India’s greatest Legal Minds and Technology Gurus discuss the developments in the legal tech space that will have a great impact on the way in which the Legal Industry functions today!

We have seen technological innovation changing the course of business around the world. Technology has also changed the course of the legal industry. Could you please let us know how technology has changed the way MyAdvo does its business?

MyAdvo has been a technology focused company since its very inception. While MyAdvo serves its clients using technology built and developed in-house, we’re also developing technology which will reform the Indian legal Industry. From contract automation tools, case management solutions, e-discovery products, augmentation, AI facilitated products – our Tech team works overtime to ensure we develop cutting edge legal tech products! Discussing all that our brilliant, dedicated and farsighted tech-team is doing, might need a few more interviews to cover!

Do you think that the legal industry, at present, is way behind in utilizing the technology which is there for us?

If you ask me, the kind of potential that exists in the legal industry – technology has only just arrived!  With mounds of unorganized data, millions of users, defined systems in place – the Legal Industry is a major potential market for technology to integrate, facilitate and revolutionize.

What are the areas (in the legal industry) where you think technology might help if implemented properly?

Technology can assist everyone in the Legal Industry! From individuals filing cases, seeking justice to corporates dealing with hundreds of fresh cases every month to lawyers struggling to maintain their calendars and remember case updates to judges sitting amongst piles of files and documents – technology can assist all!

What is your take on the eCourt Service in India? Is it really helpful?

According to me, the eCourt system shall effectively solve delay issues with courts in India and assist with quick and effective resolution of matters which otherwise remain pending cause delays, backlogs and hassles to the system as well as the victim.

In what terms specifically, should the present technology (which is already implemented in the Courts) be upgraded in order to reduce the pendency of cases?

Quicker case filings (which have been introduced already), e-stamps, FIR filing, effective eCourts, automated case updates, better accessibility to the data to common man, etc. should be a few relevant developments required to assist in dealing with pending cases.

Talking about the event, what are your expected outputs form the Legal Tech Fair 2017.

With the Legal Tech Fair, 2017 we wish to establish the advent of technology in Law. Legal Tech has remained almost foreign in India. Most significant developments that have taken place in the Legal Tech space have seeped in from other countries. Through this event, Law Pundits and MyAdvo brings together all like-minded people under a roof to discuss the developments that have already happened as well as the probable and required developments. The Legal Tech Fair shall act as a vision to the future – for the futuristic minds of the country!

How do you see the future legal industry to be 10 years down the line?

Having worked at an unconventional company like MyAdvo, I can now assertively and confidently say the legal Industry is in great hands! Companies like Law Pundits are bringing legal education closer to home, while companies like MyAdvo are ensuring legal services are rendered seamlessly and effectively and – Simply!

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