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Reduction of Sentence of an Acid-Attack Accused from 1 Year to 1 Month

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Reduction of Sentence of an Acid-Attack Accused from 1 Year to 1 Month Imprisonment Is Completely Unacceptable


Ravad Sasikala v. State Of Andhra Pradesh

2017 SCC Online SC 175, Decided On 27.02.2017


A marriage proposal was refused by the victim, which resulted into a house trespass by the accused carrying an acid bottle and pouring it over the head of the girl.  But the Hyderabad High Court reduced the sentence of one year imposed by the Trial Court to the imprisonment already undergone by the accused i.e. 1 month.


Whether the High Court is justified to reduce the sentence in such a heinous crime to mere 1 month?


The Supreme Court held that the particular case is an example of an uncivilized and heartless crime committed by the accused. It is completely unacceptable that concept of leniency can be conceived of in such a crime. A crime of this nature does not deserve any kind of clemency as it is individually as well as collectively intolerable. When there is medical evidence that there was an acid attack on the young girl and the circumstances having brought home by cogent evidence and the conviction is given the stamp of approval, there was no justification to reduce the sentence to the period already undergone.

The Supreme Court has set aside the order of the High Court and restored the sentence imposed by the Trial Court. Also, the Court directed the accused to pay a compensation of Rs. 50,000 and the state to pay a compensation of Rs. 3 lakhs. It was further directed that if the accused fails to pay the compensation amount within six months, he shall suffer further rigorous imprisonment of six months, in addition to what has been imposed by the trial court


One of the worst possible crimes is the crime of acid attack. The judiciary is bound to provide justice to the victim instead of providing judgments where justice is not only ostracized but also is unceremoniously sent to “Vanaprastha”.

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