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President Hashim Thaci of Kosovo Will Face Charges for War Crimes in Hague.

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Author: Rithu

In the present case, President Hashim is being accused of war crimes of the 1990s regarding an armed conflict against the Former Republic of Yugoslavia. This was in furtherance of liberating Kosovo from the hold of Siberia 


In 1989, in the context of increasing tensions and schisms throughout the former Yugoslavia, Kosovo’s status as an autonomous province was rescinded. Thereafter, Kosovo Albanians, overwhelmingly, supported a referendum for independence, the adoption of a constitution, and the creation of parallel state institutions, including a Government led by the largest political party in Kosovo, the Democratic League of Kosovo (‘LDK’). The LDK pursued a policy of non-violent resistance, denied the legitimacy of Serbian rule over Kosovo, and created parallel education, healthcare, and taxation systems.

A movement was started called the people’s movement for Kosovo (LPK) which used armed force as a necessary aspect of the liberation of Kosovo from Siberia. In late 1993, the LPK established a special sector to coordinate the activities of armed units in Kosovo. By 1994, the LPK adopted the name UÇK/KLA for the organization, under which the armed groups in Kosovo were being unified.  Therefore, the crimes that the accused are being tried for occurred in this period. 

The President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci served the country during the war for independence. Kosovo has fought long and hard for Independence. In pursuance of this, the president was accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Hashim THAÇI, Kadri VESELI, Rexhep SELIMI, and Jakup KRASNIQI all continued to hold senior positions in the KLA and/or PGoK during the time period relevant to this indictment

Crimes that have been counted for 

Hashim with the others has been indicted for several crimes such as imprisonment, Illegal or arbitrary arrests, and detention, cruel treatment, murder, torture, and disappearance of persons even. Since Thaci held a leadership position in the Kosovo Liberation Army, he has been named one of the main accused. In a statement to the press, Thaci proclaimed that the people of Kosovo have far too long been the victims and Serbia- the aggressors and the justice should be served. 

Court Proceedings 

The victims have been given special permission to participate in the proceedings. This has been done so with the prerequisites of the said victims personally suffering harm which includes physical, mental, or material. 


President Hashim having resigned, threw the country into a situation of instability. The country held a special swearing-in ceremony in which the acting president was appointed. Vjosa Osmani, an alumna of School of Law, University of Pittsburg was appointed. In the history of Kosovo, this is the second woman to serve as head of state. Kosovo presently has had 6 presidents. Hashim Thaci and his fellow accused are presently in detention facilities in the Hague awaiting their hearing on Monday. 

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