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Enforcement Directorate Can’t Appeal Under Section 26 of Prevention of Money Laundry Act, 2002: Calcutta High Court 

In the case in point of an appeal issued by the learned tribunal for prevention of money laundering Act, 2002, the appeal is directed against a decision dated 1 January 2021 stating, through the assistant director of the office of the Department of Execution of Kolkata, alleged to have been maintained according to Article 26 of the Prevention of money laundering Act 2002.

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Family Disharmony Leads to Litigation and Prosecution for Fraud and Misrepresentation Before Kerala High Court

Appellant is the mother of the respondents. Appellant alleges that two documents were caused to be executed in the names of her daughters (respondents) by perpetrating fraud and misrepresentation regarding the contents of the documents. According to the appellant, her daughters in cahoots with their husbands committed fraud and misrepresentation. And, therefore she approached the trial court with a suit by invoking the provisions under Order XXXIII of the Code for setting aside the two settlement deeds alleged to have been executed by her in the names of the respondents. Also as a consequential relief, sought a permanent prohibitory injunction decree.

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Andhra Pradesh High Court Says That Before Exhausting the Remedy Available Under Rule 35(A) Of the APMMC, The Writ Petition Cannot Be Filed Before the Court

A single-judge bench consisting of Honorable Justice Battu Devananda gave orders on the writ petition no. 9035 of 2021. The writ petition was filed against the demand notice no. 4352/Q/2009 issued by Respondent no. 3 (The deputy director of mines and geology) demanding to pay a sum of Rs. 83,12,130 towards the normal seigniorage fees, a penalty of Rs. 8,17,23,150, DMF of Rs. 24,93,639 and the merit of Rs. 1,66,243, for unauthorized excavation and transportation of road metal and building stone without obtaining the dispatch permits.

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