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Jharkhand Court Awards Life Imprisonment To Eleven Accused In Lynching Of Meat Trader Over Transporting Beef

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A Fast Track court in Jharkhand awarded life term to 11 persons for the lynching of a meat trader in Ramgarh district on suspicion of transporting beef.


A meat trader named Alimuddin Ansari alias Asgar Ali was lynched on 29th July 2017 by a mob in Bazartand area of Ramgarh district. Victim Alimuddin Ansari was transporting beef in his vehicle from Chitarpur area in Ramgarh when his vehicle was intercepted near a gas agency in Bazartand by members of gau rakshak samiti. The meat trader was lynched by the mob in broad daylight and his vehicle was set on fire. The victim was followed by Raju Kumar, one of the accused from Chitarpur and it was he who informed others about Ansari’s position. A video of the incident was posted online and circulated on various social media websites and platforms.

Verdict and Proceedings of the case

Police filed charge sheet against 12 accused in September last year and trial was completed within 6 months. The prosecution presented 19 witnesses to support their case and defense presented one witness. Court declared them guilty on 16th March and their punishment was decided on 21st March. Out of all the 12 accused 11 were convicted of life imprisonment along with separate prison terms under various sections of the Indian Penal Code. They were all found guilty of murder, rioting, rioting with a deadly weapon, unlawful assembly, mischief causing damage and mischief by fire. Three of them have also been sentenced under criminal conspiracy. They were further slapped with a fine of rupees 2000 each. Moreover, Court has also instructed DLSA to initiate proceedings to provide the family of the victim with adequate compensation as the victim was the sole breadwinner of the family.  Additional Public Prosecutor Sushil Kumar Shukla prayed to the court for maximum punishment but defense requested leniency on the ground that this was the first criminal case against them. The court deferred the trial of 12th accused on account of him being a minor. The prosecution wanted the 12th accused to be tried as an adult as he is between 16 to 18 years of age.

Additional Public Prosecutor Sushil Kumar Shukla said this was the first case of cow vigilantism in the country in which accused were convicted and punished. Defense Counsel DN Singh said This was an inaccurate judgment and he will file an appeal against the conviction in Jharkhand High Court.

Widow of Alimuddin Ansari Mrs. Mariam Khatun said she is satisfied with the verdict.

Learning of the case

From this verdict, we learn that lynching is a serious offense and preparators of such a crime will be punished strictly.

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