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Madras High Court Denies Bail to Man Accused of Robbery, Says When Lockdown is Lifted Crimes Will Increase

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“When the Lockdown is lifted, there would be more chances of crimes like robbery, as individual income has suffered on account of the lockdown” said the Madras High Court. The Court remarked this on last Friday, while denying bail to an accused in Jail for Robbery for almost 2 months.

Brief Facts of the Case

It is alleged that the petitioner robbed a sum of Rs 2200 and 2 ½ sovereigns of gold chain from the complainant and also abused and threatened him with dire consequences, for which he filed the complaint.

On 18 March 2020, the petitioner was arrested and remanded to judicial custody for the offence under various sections based on the complaint filed by the complainant. Currently, the petitioner has sought bail for the same.

Arguments by the Petitioner

Mr. R. Silambarasan submitted that the petitioner did not commit any offence as alleged by the prosecution.

On 7th May 2020 the Court had dismissed the bail petition filed by the first petitioner. Therefore, he sought permission of this Court to withdraw this petition. He further stated that the second petitioner is in judicial custody from 18 March 2020. Hence, he sought bail for the second petitioner.

Arguments by the Respondent

Mr. Mohammed Riyaz, the counsel for the respondent, argued that the petitioners had indeed committed the alleged offence.

He further submitted that this Court had already dismissed the bail petition filed by the first petitioner on 7th May 2020. Hence, he vehemently opposed for grant of bail to the petitioners.

The court also noted that now the Government of Tamil Nadu is in lockdown due to Covid-19. And the lockdown has deprived the income of many individuals and might result in increase in crimes, and if the accused is released on bail then there is possibility of him committing the same offence for income.

Court’s Decision

The Court noted that the bail petition filed by the co-accused was dismissed earlier and the Court was not inclined to enlarge the petition on bail.

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