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Vacancy of Members for Center for International Law Research, Foreign and Public Policy: Apply by 15th July 2020

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Centre for Legal Research, Foreign and Public Policy (CLRFPP) is an autonomous centre of Research Board, All India Legal Forum dedicated to in-depth research and scientific analysis with the objective of delivering actionable ideas that could transform society. The Centre seeks to contribute to academic activities in domestic and international law and to do substantive research in public policy. It is a knowledge platform that includes and tries to bridge publication, training and other forms of knowledge-transfer, and the development of knowledge tools. It is dedicated to the principles of liberal thought, democracy, rule of law and economic freedom with a focus on equity, efficiency and effectiveness.


CLRFPP aims to be a thought leader dedicated to the principles of liberal thought, democracy, rule of law and economic freedom with a focus on equity, efficiency and effectiveness. The Centre’s interdisciplinary focus draws on critical social science approaches in its attempt to explore how practices of law and governance are embedded in political, economic, social and historical processes; how practices of governance are dispersed over various sites ranging from the government, bureaucracy, judiciary, community and family; the social-legal processes that deter or provide access to justice; and notions of govern-mentality, sovereignty and rights in specific politico-jural regimes.

The normative ideals of justice, equity and freedom thus inflect the Centre critical interrogations of existing institutions and practices of law and governance. It is in this spirit that, while the Centre academic programme produces scholarly research in these areas, it also seeks to translate theory into practices of governance and by initiating debate, sharing research and providing a platform for dialogue between the academy, government, civil society and international agencies.

Objective Of Centre

The objectives of CLRFPP are to develop substantive policy options on matters relevant to the Indian polity, economy and society; to provide advisory services to public bodies and other institutions, and to disseminate information on policy issues through various channels. It aims to bring researchers, practitioners, and interested members of our community together to contribute meaningfully to policy debates on development, resettlement, insurrection, parochialism and other such significant issues. It aims to provide a forum for discussion/debate and interaction among all stakeholders in the policy process and to build collaborative networks of researchers, policy-makers and business representatives, media and citizens nationally and internationally.

It intends to offer a programme that focuses on equipping the students with tools for the analysis and development of public policy not only through theoretical classroom education but also through a more hands-on approach. The Centre facilitates student internships with governmental, non-governmental and civil society organizations working in the area of public policy. It also works for Poverty and Justice Studies with a research focus on issues like the state of being poor, implications of human rights, human development (education, health, earnings avenues and other related factors) and gender studies.

List Of Projects That Will Be Undertaken

a)   Women and Law

b)  India and it’s international relations with neighbouring countries

c)   Rights of victims, prisoners and arrested person (In light of Legal Aid)

d)  The political system in India (An overview of different political parties along with an insight into the working of the left-wing and right-wing)

e)   Integration of Indian States (History and role of nationalist leaders)

f)    Minority and Human rights in Indian states (In terms of language, culture, religion etc)

g)  Treaties and international agreements in environmental law

h)  Crime and law enforcement in Indian and international perspective

i)     Immigration, nationality and citizenship in Indian and international perspective

j)     Indigenous and cultural rights of North-East India

Work Of Members

We are seeking inventive and detail-oriented members to assist the projects of the Center for Legal Research, Foreign and Public Policy (CLRFPP) as mentioned above. The members need to work for six months for these projects and due credit will be given to them in the above projects which will be published on the website of All India Legal Forum.


1.   Students those who are currently enrolled in 3 year and 5 year UG Law course and willing to work for six months.

2.   Students those who have published their work in different journals and websites.

3.   Proficient with MS Word, MS Excel.

4.   Excellent grammar and writing skills.

5.   Able to multitask, prioritize, and manage time efficiently.

6.   Self-motivated and self-directed.


Students have to work seriously for six months.


1.   The certificate will be given after the completion of the tenure.

2.   Students will be given due credit for their work in the project.

3.   Special perks will be given if possible.

How To Apply

Email your CVs at [email protected] latest by 15th July 2020 and selected students will be called for interview. The subject of the mail will be “Application for Centre”. is now on Telegram. Follow us for regular legal updates and judgements from the court. Follow us on Google News, InstagramLinkedInFacebook & Twitter. You can also subscribe for our Weekly Email Updates. Libertatem Group does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the Job Post. The post has been shared as we received it from our staff.

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