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Job Post: Vacancy for Senior Legal Manager at Pfizer India, Mumbai

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ROLE: Senior Manager, Legal (Pfizer India)


♦ Litigation Legal Strategy & Planning ♦ Agreements and transactions ♦ Corporate Laws ♦ Contract Negotiation & Management ♦ Merger & Acquisition/Joint Ventures ♦Compliances & Ethics ♦ FCPA & Bribery Laws ♦ Anti-Trust laws  ♦  Intellectual Property Laws  ♦ Drafting ♦ Team Management ♦ Cross-functional Liaison ♦  Multiple Jurisdictional Experience  ♦ Independence & Decision Making ♦ Complexity & Problem Solving  ♦ incisive analytical skills ♦

Role & Responsibilities in BRIEF:

  • Provide strategic and structuring advice, including internal corporate reorganizations;
  • Collaborate and partner with senior management (Leadership Team) to devise efficient business operational strategies;
  • Apply effective risk management techniques and offer proactive advise on all legal issues;
  • Provide rapid, practical and business-oriented legal advice;
  • Provide assistance with joint ventures, strategic partnership deals and mergers & acquisitions;
  • Advice Senior Management on a wide range of provisional regulatory, corporate & compliance matters;
  • Provide support to business in initiating/ defending any litigation and developing any litigations strategies;
  • Provide support in reviewing/ negotiating various transactions and evaluate all legal issues involved;
  • Representing Pfizer before various Industrial, Regulatory  & Government bodies;
  • Managing external counsel, briefings and ensuring proper representation by outside counsel;
  • Framing corporate policies & enforcement guidelines, including trainings to employees;
  • Support Compliance team in internal governance policies and compliance framework;
  • Provide advice and support on all IP activities and developments in the country.
  • Keep abreast of legislative changes that may affect the Company & its affiliates;
  • Develop solutions to complex legal questions/ problems;
  • Capability building within the team and disseminate best practices.

Role & Responsibilities in DETAIL:

  • Advisory: Advise Senior Leaders/ BUs within the Company and work alongside employees in Business Units (BUs), Strategy & Business Operation (SBO) , Corporate Affairs, Human Resource, Regulatory & other enabling functions, on a wide range of legal and strategic matters including Drugs & cosmetics Act, Corporate Laws, labour laws, employment laws, trade body regulations, anti-trust & ant-bribery laws etc.
  • Litigation: Provide support to business in initiating/ defending  any criminal, civil, property or regulatory related litigation which includes, collating facts, developing litigation strategy & preparing grounds for defense, briefing the external counsels, filing of writ petitions, appeals, stay and follow ups. Managing and ensuring proper representation by outside counsel (while securing case reporting and strategic alignment).
  • Business Transaction: Structuring of transaction, support in reviewing various transactions and evaluate all legal issues involved, so as to ensure to combat the crisis successfully, drafting & negotiation of Contracts & other documents, draft and solidify day-to-day agreements/ contracts and other legal documents to ensure the company’s full legal rights
  • Compliance & Investigation-provide support to the Compliance team in internal governance policies and compliance framework, supporting any critical compliance investigations, measuring the over-all risks in case of any non-compliances and drawing the remediation plans and guidance, substantial role in build the Culture of Compliance and shaping how the Company addresses its relationships with law & regulations,
  • Representing Pfizer: Actively participate in Industry Working Groups viz. OPPI, Regulatory or Government liaising on any policy or industry issues, develop strategies for influencing external environment, communicate and negotiate with external parties (regulators, external counsel, public authority etc.), creating relations of trust
  • Global Projects: Support global projects including cross-border transactions, product launches, privacy law or global policy implementation, need base projects, represent Pfizer India in trademark & patent cases, support in LD and EMBU-wide initiatives, manage outside counsel spend by utilizing PLA firms or leveraging on the PLA concept and budget management,as per the funds allocated to India.
  • Independence & Decision Making: act with substantial discretion, balancing several goals at once with idea to minimize risks/costs & maximize benefits/ returns. Ability to make clear-eyed professional judgments and to have the backbone to raise issues with the appropriate decision-maker if, for example, the proposed course of action raises issues of compliance with the law.
  • Complexity & Problem-Solving: challenge the status-quo and develop innovative solution for difficult, complex & systemic problem that may have precedent setting implications for the Company, is usually responding to new situations & circumstances that require attention


The position reports directly to the Director Legal & General Counsel of Pfizer India.


  • LLB degree from a reputed law college in India – Master’s law degree will be an added advantage;
  • Experience of working in pharma multi-national company.
  • 10 years plus post qualification experience;
  • Working knowledge/familiarity in dealing with Corporate Laws, litigation, Pharmaceutical laws and policies, IPR/counterfeit issues;
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills with proven ability to work as part of a team.


  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Analytical, Decision-making and Problem-solving skills
  • Process and results oriented

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