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Overview of GMAT and Relevant Practice Test Resources

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Is entering business school one of your goals? Well, then you might need the backup of the GMAT exam to make this vision a shining reality. With GMAT or The Graduate Management Admission Test, your chances of getting admitted increase, provided you attain a decent score ideal to the requirements of your target school.

Therefore, it is only natural for you to learn the ABC’s of the GMAT by now. Without further ado, here is a list of answers to frequently asked questions to give you an overview of this notable assessment.

How Does GMAT Prepare You for Business School?

GMAC, the creator and administrator of GMAT, has purposely compiled the most demanded concepts in the content of the test to equip you with the right executive business competencies. The skills necessary for acing this exam will be useful in the long run, as you successfully meet the standards of your chosen school. Also, you will find questions based on real-life business scenarios, which will give you a competitive academic edge now.

How Is GMAT divided?

GMAT is divided into four sections which range from Analytical Writing Assessment and Integrated Reasoning to Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. It will take you 3 and a half hours to finish all the modules. During the test, you may choose to take an eight-minute break twice.

Anyway, there’s an interesting element to look forward to in GMAT. Since it is a CAT test, the difficulty level of the tasks will depend on your performance per question. As you progress, the items will become harder or easier depending on if you make more correct or wrong answers. Due to the same fact, you can either take GMAT Questions at the designated test centre or you can have it online.

Do I Get to Choose What Section to Answer First?

Absolutely! The moment you reach the testing centre, you will be offered the chance to flexibly answer the four sections. You’ll be presented with three orders, so simply choose what works best for you.

Who Can Qualify for GMAT?

Since you’ve reached this far, you’re probably interested in taking an MBA program, right? Well, not to assume but in case you are, then you are part of the audience who can qualify for GMAT as this exam doesn’t have any stringent prerequisites for its applicants apart from they should be at least 18 years old.

So, yes, that’s right! You can cross this goal off your checklist soon. Just find out the GMAT score required in your target school, and this mark will be an advantage to your application. But notice, that the GMAT results are applicable to international business schools, yet not necessarily to non-business graduate programs.

How Do I Prepare for GMAT?

Make a study plan ahead of time and use the applicability of practice tests. Two or three mocks will suffice in supplying you with relevant questions and new ideas. If you want, you can just head straight to the official GMAT guide and sample tests provided by GMAC. Or, you can use the ones from third-party resources, but find the most reliable ones.


If you have made up your mind about going to business school, then a good GMAT score will be an imperative asset. Just don’t forget to invest in practice tests and other materials that work best for you and study smartly. Certainly, you will be richly rewarded for the dedication you’ll exert on GMAT.

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