Manan Essay Wrting Competition – Registration Open

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Before going ahead, we just want to tell you what is the Tribune Education Foundation.
So basically TEF is a registered partnership firm which is established with the aim of developing and providing customized education system through various tools like life learning experiences via workshop, e-education, research projects, skill-building programmes etc.

Today we have worked with more than a hundred volunteers from all over India and done 20 + project in the last three years.
We have also published 4 books.

Tribune Education Foundation and Redefining Ourselves organizing an online philosophical essay writing competition named ad MANAN in Collaboration with:

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Knowledge Partner-
Legal Desire

Publication Partner-
Law Brigade Journal

Graphics Partner-

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Media Partner-
Knowledge Steez
Indian Legal Solutions

Supported by- 
Lex Cluster

About MANAN:

This project will be one of the major online projects which define not only an essay competition but also highlighted the skills of philosophy in an individual.

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Features are as follow:
* Essay competition
* Video Session on how to write descriptive essay
* Skype call discussion 
*Discussion on Philosophical themes
*Certification and Publication(E-book, journal, websites)

For full details, visit-…/

7703092385, 7011920998, 8988713322

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