Cairn Arbitration Award Why are assets of India’s Public Sector Enterprises being targeted?  

Introduction The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) on 21.12.2020 passed an award of US$ 1.4 billion in favour of Cairn by holding that India had failed to accord Cairn fair and equitable treatment under the UK – India Bilateral Investment...

Will Social Media Platforms Be Banned?

The internet has gone for a toss amidst the news of the failure of compliance by giant social media platforms with the new intermediary rules of India and as such, speculation of consequences ranging from banning to criminal liability...

Rise of Online Sexual Exploitation and Child Pornography

A world without the internet cannot be visualized now from instantly looking up for information, to meeting our entertainment needs, to being a one-stop-shop for millions of things, we have tons to thank for when it comes to the...

Contract of Employment: Meaning, Ingredients and Salient Clauses

What is an employment contract? What are the types, and what clauses attract judicial attention? Author Kajal answers these and more...

Meaning of Estoppel in Law: History and Application

What is the history of estoppel? Is it a rule of evidence or a substantive law? What are its ingredients? How does it differ in application In India and the UK - author Kajal Pagare answers.

Tata Takes Complete Control of Airasia India: Tough Market in Tougher Times

In the backdrop of the pre-purchase scenario of Air Asia, its financial troubles, and the subsequent Tata Sons Purchase, saving many jobs and propping up the company for the considerable future is the priority, but it is yet to be seen how the company performs post-lockdown.

Impact of COVID-19 in the Decline of India’s GDP: Comparing Pre Lockdown Scenario and Post Lockdown Future

A rundown comparison of pre-lockdown and lockdown economic scenarios in India, comparing various sectors, quarters and parameters, vaccination scenarios and exploration of any possible hope of economic recovery in Q4 2020-21.

Restricting the Streaming Services in India: Over the Top (OTT) Regulation?

The 500 emerging market capitalization for more than 17 crore users will soon need to adopt regulations and mandates.

Analysing Gujarat’s Anti-Conversion Bill With Respect to Inter-Faith Marriages

Gujarat Freedom of Religion (Amendment) Bill, 2021, has been passed in Gujarat Assembly. After this, Gujarat becomes the third state to make a law against “love jihad”.

How Do the Courts View Us: Rape, Marriage and Women?

The degree of freedom and respect given to women is a measure of a country’s progress, where do we stand as a nation?

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Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace

Abstract- Workplace harassment is among of the highest prevalent offenses involving Indian women but is also considered unlawful since it...
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