How Do the Courts View Us: Rape, Marriage and Women?

The degree of freedom and respect given to women is a measure of a country’s progress, where do we stand as a nation?

Analysis of the Issues in the Anti-Defection Law in India

For the stability of the government by the brutal majority of Rajiv Gandhi government and the Anti Defection Law was introduced in 1985.

Explained: Privatisation of Public Sector Banks in India

It has been noticed that private sector banks perform better than public sector banks for a very long time now.

Myth as Means of Organizing Society

Introduction “It would seem that mythological worlds have been built up only to be shattered again, and that new worlds were built from the fragments.” Franz Boas (memoirs of the American Folklore Society) Whenever we hear the word “Myth”, the mind...

Police brutality and Exemption in India

Powers under the law are immense and adequate and this does not extend to any form of physical violence. Under Article 246 of the Indian Constitution, ‘Police’ falls within the State List of the 7th Schedule, therefore it's within...

Right to Protest in India

Introduction As of late the papers and news channels are overflowed with information on ranchers challenging the Ranchers charge 2020 and walking towards the capital city from different spots in the Punjab and Haryana. While a few statements it as...

Central Government Notifies Amendment in Copyright Rules, 2021

The copyright regime in India is governed by the Copyright Act, 1957 and the Copyright rules, 2013. Copyright can be described as one of the forms of protection for the intellectual property granted to the creators having original works...

The Bhoodan Movement

Pyramid-like hierarchy (from the landless masses at the bottom to the privileged people at the top) or conical-economic-system prevents any incentives from government programmes from reaching the landless and destitute peasants (more than 50 per cent of the agricultural labour households were landless in 1950-51 and their number was increased to 57 per cent in 1956-57). 

What Will Be the Future of Globalisation?

In the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a debate about what will happen to globalization now? With globalization slowing down, will all countries move towards defensive policies? And if so, when will globalization begin again? The answer to this question...

Artificial Arbitrators – A New Way Towards Dispute Resolution

“I don't see that human intelligence is something that humans can never understand." ~ John McCarthy, March 1989 Introduction Information technology has achieved a whole new level of heights in the last two decades. It has been etched deep down in every...

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Job Post: Vacancy for multiple posts at Office of the Commissioner, Labour and Employment, Panaji

Applications are invited by the Commissioner, Labour and Employment, Shram Shakti Bhavan, 2nd Floor, Patto Plaza, Panaji – Goa,...

SC Cancels Bail Granted to Murder Accused; Says We Can’t Have Two Parallel Legal Systems for the Rich and the Common Man

The Hon’ble Supreme Court cancelled the accused person’s bail and stated that a judiciary that is susceptible to political pressures would allow politicians to operate with impunity and incentivize criminality to flourish.

Madras HC Restrains State From Acquiring Buses Without Disabled Friendly Amenities

The Madras High Court restrained the State from acquiring more buses as part of public transport as long as it did not conform to the notification issued on 20th September 2016 mandating disabled friendly amenities in buses.

Job Post: Vacancy for Research Associate with CPA Project [Criminal Justice & Police Accountability Project], Bhopal: Apply by July 31

About the Organisation The Criminal Justice & Police Accountability Project is Bhopal-based research and litigation intervention working to build accountability against the unjust criminalisation of...

Job Post: Vacancy for 2 Legal Assistant at Legastice, Chennai, Apply Now

About the Law Firm Legastice is a legal Firm and the company is engaged in legal services to various businesses. They handle labour laws, all...