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Is India Ready for Launching a 5G Network System?

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Introduction: – 

5G is the fifth generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks, which cellular phone companies started deploying worldwide in 2019 and is also considered to be planned successor to the 4G network system which provides better connectivity to most current cellular phones.   

5G/ fifth generation is the latest upgrade and also a big achievement from science platform is the high-speed technology and it mainly works in 3 bands namely low, mid & high-frequency spectrum. Internet speed in this high band spectrum of 5G has proved to be having the speed of as high as 20Gbps whereas 4G is giving the speed of just 1Gbps. 

If we look keenly at this modernization system, we could find that in every 10 years, there comes a new mobile technology which by its fashion and demand of the mass takes it to a new peak. A few examples are: – 

  1. 1G is the first generation wireless cellular technology (mobile technology) which was introduced in the year 1980. This network brought the system of voice calls through which a person can communicate with other people over a mobile device.
  2. 2G is referred to as the second generation technology which is based on GSM. This 2G network came into the limelight as digital where for the first time in the history of the network, privacy was given the topmost priority and no third person can see the message of any conversation. This network system contributed a lot to designing the modern world. 2G was introduced in the year 1991 in Finland.
  3. 3G is the third generation wireless telecommunication technology where video call was introduced in the history of networking systems. It is in a whole changed the direction of vision and the mindset of the people and thereby, its contribution was phenomenal in process of the creation of the digital world. The first pre-commercial 3G network was introduced for the first time in Japan in the year 1998 by NTTDoCoMo. 
  4. 4G is the fourth generation broadband cellular network technology which was specially designed for the modern generation with huge internet speed, enabled HD quality, and swift gaming facility. It is designed with meeting almost all the needs of the present generation and also got a great welcome from the consumer community. The 4G network was for the first time introduced in the year 2008 which was a great revolution for the internet fraternity.
  5. 5G is the fifth-generation wireless cellular technology and is the most advanced networking system. None other networking system can match its capability because it is 100 times faster than 4G and it is also carrying a new feature that deals with the machine to machine communication. Thereby, this network can also be called as ‘Internet of things ‘.


Advantage of 5G in India: – 

As far as India is concerned with this high-level 5th generation technology, I guess it is an opportunity for all the developing nations like India to grab this chance to fortify and restructure the domestic telecom industries by utilizing the 5G network system. 

The Indian telecom market is left with only three private telcos, with the rest having surrendered to the low profits/ returns on investments over the years. Apart from the private telecom companies, the public sector companies include BSNL(Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) and MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited) also survive in the market despite suffering losses. 

This 5G Network has approached India in the style of blessing in disguise because the coming of this network can boost the Indian telecom industry which will give them room and space to invest more and will also bring good returns and thus the telecom industries will get oxygen to prosper.

We are in actuality living in a state of digital world where we cannot think for a second without networks and technology. And very rapidly we are moving towards the pace world, where people want everything speedily, and thereby, the inclusion of 5G will add fuel to the machine and will also generate Indian economy to compete with the world power. 

There are innumerable advantages that 5G brings to the human world. In its admirable sense, it is giving wings to human aspirations and desires. 5G in its exact sense keep its door open and wide to feel its sky-touching speed. 5G is also having great speed in transmissions and therefore a greater capacity of remote execution, and also having access to a greater number of connected devices. Moreover, it is giving the facility of implementing the virtual network.

Positive Dependency on Internet and Network System:-

Looking at the present scenario, there is no space to deny that the whole world has got dependent on the Internet and networking system and India is no exception. The Internet has extended its wings throughout the world and in a sense, the whole world has got dependent on the online mode in the form of work from home and other productive works. Online mode has now emerged as an important part of life for all the human community. It has provided an open window for every individual who is a student, serviceman, job seeker, or anybody else. It has provided a strong and vibrant platform for the student community for education where all the stuff for the education will be available on the web and the student can get access from anywhere at any time through the medium of the Internet.

This mode has got a warm welcome from all the section of the society because everybody will cherish to get the advantage of this modern world. This mode at a large brought the whole world in our hands where people could quench their thirst for curiosity and would learn the unknowns.

The online mode with high-speed internet has also become an opportunity for foodies whereby, they can order foods from the restaurant by sitting at home using apps Swiggy and Zomato. This mode has created an enormous opportunity for bibliophiles and shopaholics (one who loves doing shopping) to get their desired products at the doorstep. Online at large made its platforms so strong and vibrant that it can satisfy all the needs of the individuals. Thereby, people are favoring staying at home which indirectly results in a decrease in Air Pollution and restoration of the lost glory of the environment. 

The Positive Impact of the Internet During the Covid-19 Pandemic: – 

Corona Virus/ Covid-19 have made one thing crystal clear that society cannot run without the internet. During the pandemic and strict restriction of lockdown, the Internet has been the most important part of life after mask and sanitizer. And it was the only means through which people can meet and communicate with friends, relatives, and loved ones, whereby, the internet also helped as medicine and prevented people from getting depressed and frustrated. 

Internet and online mode during the pandemic which is not yet over has played or continuing to play a pivotal role in buying groceries, educating children through online classes, getting medicines, updating oneself with day-to-day news, and many more. 

The most attractive and innovative gift of this platform was E-Court, where the judges and the advocates attend courts through the online platform to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus and the common citizen is also getting convenient in filing cases before the court by sitting at home.

All this demands and facility for fast, reliable, and diversified communication has increased pressure on countries to quickly adopt 5G – the latest fifth generation of digital technology. 

The Negative Impact of 5G Network System in India: – 

In every story, there will always remain two faces, one is the brighter side and the other is the darker side of the story. To understand what 5G is, it is very much necessary to first understand the spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of all types of electromagnetic radiation. The radio spectrum is the part of the spectrum used for telecommunication, broadcast, aircraft communication, and many more. This communication ranges from 30 hertz (Hz) to 300 gigahertz. The overall spectrum also includes visible light, gamma rays, x-rays, microwaves, etc. 

If these radiations could penetrate the rock-solid buildings, we can imagine the devastative character of these radiations, and thereby the picture is very clear how dangerous these radiations are with regards to human health. 

As far as India is concerned with this high-level 5th generation technology, I guess, it will be a complete blunder if India adopts a 5G network system because it will bear the huge cost in building the infrastructure and also in the process of implementation. The implementation of 5G network will also attract foreign multinational companies for the telecom industry for investing in India and it will result in the closure of the Indian telecom service. If we look keenly, we could observe that the most number of telecom industries are suffering huge loss and in this situation, competing with foreign investments is next to impossible. It will later throw a bad impact on the domestic economy of the country. 

This 5G network has approached in the form of a curse because the advent of this network can scatter the Indian telecom industry and in the long run, it may devastate the whole Indian economy.  

The Disadvantage of 5G Network in India

5th generation technology is the latest upgrade made in the digital world which is also considered to be a worthy successor of the 4G network system. 5G on its own, offer a wide range of different features, which will prove to be beneficial for all the groups in every sphere of the society. 

Although, 5G is one of the greatest outputs of this present research world and hence, it is promising that the high-level Fifth-generation technology is well researched and examined by the scientists, and also all possible hazards are well taken care of. However, many studies from different corners of this world revealed and highlighted many loopholes which can prove to be fatal and dangerous for human survival in the near future. 

Though 5G brings many advantages to human civilization but at the same time, it also possesses innumerable disadvantages which in a long run may devastate the human world. 5G, however, becomes technologically smart but does not work on all phones/ devices which in a sense becomes burdensome mostly for the citizens of developing nations to get handy with this technology. In its pragmatic sense, due to its expensive nature, the common citizen will dare to adopt 5G. 

5G will have a devastative effect on human health which includes increased risk of cancer, cellular stress, genetic disorder and damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, and negative dangerous impact on the general well-being in humans.

The Outcome of the Research and Studies made on 5G

(See Here) 

There is no doubt that the emergence of 5G will add wheels to our progress; Progress in the sense not to the success but the doomsday. Because somewhere research and the studies made on 5G feels that the advance of this fifth-generation technology will give a big blow to our ecosystem and will also cause great hazards to the balance of the environment. 

There are many shreds of evidence that clearly show that the devices and the technologies associated with the fifth generation technology (5G) will be harmful to delicate ecosystems. The main component which may affect the Earth’s ecosystem is the millimeter waves. These millimeter waves that are being used in the making of the 5G network have never been used in such a large quantity before. 

Researchers on many occasions found that the millimeter waves have been specifically linked to many disturbances in the bird’s ecosystem. In a study by the Centre for Environment and Vocational Studies of Punjab University, researchers observed that after exposure to radiation from a cell tower for just 5-30 minutes, the effect was seen as the eggs of sparrows got disfigured. 

Conclusion: – 

So, after keeping all my points the author came to a conclusion that the country must adopt all the advanced technologies but at the same time, it is also very crucial to keep in notice that the technology should be eco-friendly and harm-free. Thereby, it is very sure that the adoption of a 5G network system will take the Indian telecom industry to the next level. However, the launching of 5G in its sense raises a huge question mark on its applicability and health safety. There is a huge probability that the spectrum rays can devastate the whole environment by affecting climate change, decrease in plant growth, and destruction of flora and fauna. This is a sense that will infringe our Article- 21(Right to Wholesome environment). Therefore, I feel India should keep every eye open in the process of the adoption of the 5G network system.    


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