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Emerging Dimensions of US Foreign Policy

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  • Introduction:

The terrifying issues which Afghanistan is going through day by day are not only scary to Afghanistan but to the whole world. The withdrawal of the US, the greatest power of the world leaving behind the country in the hands of the Taliban made other Asian countries lose trust over the US. This is why we have to now go through the dimensions of US foreign policy in Asian regions. The policies which are being adopted by the US can affect all the activities of allied countries also. So such decisions are the ones which not only affect those two countries but those countries and the allied ones also. 

  • Withdrawal and current conditions:

This is considered one of the lengthiest wars which world history has faced. This war was not only measured for the lengthiest period but the investments made by way of money and human lives. The war which has lasted approximately for the past 20years has now come to an end along with the loss of trust. The world expected a different approach from Biden from that of Trump, but we are now witnessing a follow-up or completion of his ideologies.

The withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan allowed the Taliban to take over the country. This resulted in very serious concerns regarding the country. The emerging violence, inhuman activities made the future of the country uncertain. The whole world is viewing Afghanistan through a bleeding heart. People are eagerly watching whether the country will be again converted into a terrorist sanctuary as before. The policies which were prevalent in the country for so many years have come back. The country has again gone back to the times where the lives of women were miserable. In this century where women are not allowed to study or go out cannot be even considered.

  • Similarities to retreat from Vietnam:

The retreat of the US from Afghanistan is now compared with the withdrawal of the US from Vietnam on April 30, 1975. This is a war that took away the lives of more than 58000 Americans. Along with this more than two million were killed from Vietnam. This withdrawal is considered a failure in their history. So such a comparison now tries to create a failure history for the US again. The Vietnam story is considered to be a similar condition as of now which has happened in Afghanistan in the last few days.

  • Dimensions to US foreign Policy

The withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan is now considered as their withdrawal from Asia itself. This is the reason for which the country is now getting criticized the most. Most of them are considering this as a failure of the US and the success of the Taliban over them. All these acts which the country witnessing in the last few months made a negative impact regarding the US in the minds of the people. To the people and the Asian countries, the withdrawal from Afghanistan is a withdrawal from the Asia Pacific region and it also shows their diminishing power from these regions. These kinds of thoughts can only help to reduce the trust and reliability of the US. 

The other thing the country is eager to watch is whether the US will acknowledge the Taliban. Then it will be an actual failure to the US and may also be for such allied countries. Such an acknowledgment can also be considered as the US acceptance and realization that the western civilization and culture cannot be easily enforced and implemented to all others. The failure of the US war and their retreat from Afghanistan created greater instability in all the allied countries. Most of them are in such a view that the US may at least from far away exercises its influence over Afghanistan. Countries allied such as India, South Korea, South-East Asia are all waiting for at least such an influence even from a distance. 

Such allied countries are highly scared and concerned with their resources and investments in the country. Approximately more than 3billion dollars are the investment of India over the country. This is why such allied countries are eagerly waiting for the final results. The final winning of the Taliban over the US loses the hope of allied countries in their investments and resources in Afghanistan. American allies are now doubtful even in the US policy. The connections of Taliban with the countries such as Pakistan and China make situations more critical. The expanding hands of them over the Taliban are confusing the American allied countries even more. The thing now everyone looking into is the US Foreign Policies. 

  • Conclusion:

In the present scenario, the policies which are adopted by the US have a greater impact and value among the allied. The resources and investments are completely influenced by the foreign policies which are going to be adopted. If the US has to stay relevant and regain its importance they have to stay committed to Afghanistan. These commitments have an important role in deciding the future of the US and the reliability over them.

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