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Swastika Nandwani

I am a third-year student at NMIMS School of Law, Mumbai. My interest lies in Corporate Law and Alternate Dispute Resolution.

Interview with Prof (Dr.) Sreenivasulu N.S, Professor, NUJS Kolkata & Member of International Council of Jurists, (ICJ) London

Prof (Dr) Sreenivasulu N.S is working as Professor of Law at National University of Juridical Sciences, (NUJS) Kolkata. He is a Distinguished Member of International Council of Jurists, (ICJ) London. He is a Scientific Member of Canadian Institute For International Law, (CIFILE) Ontario, Canada. He is also associated with the

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Interview with Dr. Yogesh Pratap Singh, Professor of Law, NLU Odisha

Dr. Yogesh Pratap Singh is a professor of Law in National Law University Odisha (NLUO). He received his LL.M. (with specialization in Human Rights Laws) from National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore and LL.B. from the University of Allahabad. His doctoral thesis titled “Contribution of Dissenting Opinions of

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Interview with Harry Chawla, Founder of Atlas Law Partners

Mr. Harry Chawla, the founder of Atlas Law Partners has extensive experience in the areas of Banking & Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Real Estate. Harry has advised clients in the banking and financial services sector, the real estate sector, hospitality, health care, automobile, aviation, telecom, IT, ITES, consumer goods

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Interview with Zulfiquar Memon, Managing Partner of MZM Legal, Mumbai

Mr. Zulfiquar Memon is the Managing Partner of MZM Legal. He heads the Global Disputes Practice including multijurisdictional Disputes Resolution involving the coordination of legal teams in multiple countries for clients. He closely monitors and spearheads the firm’s growth and works closely with other partners on Litigation strategy, Dispute Resolution,

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Interview with Varun K Chopra, Founder of VKC Law Offices, Delhi

Mr. Varun K Chopra has more than 11 years of experience. He has previously worked with Khaitan & Co at Delhi for four years and subsequently assisted Mr. Vivek Tankha, Senior Advocate (former Additional Solicitor General of India). He is primarily involved as an advisory on issues related to corporate,

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Interview with Mr. D. Saravanan, Advocate & Arbitrator at CNICA Arbitration Centre

Mr. Dhandapani Saravanan is a leading arbitration practitioner based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. He practices as Advocate, Arbitrator, Adjudicator, Conciliator, Examiner, Mediator, Neutral, and Negotiator. He has extensive experience in domestic and international commercial arbitration both as arbitrator and advocate. He served as sole arbitrator and tribunal chair in

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