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Supreme Court Grants Interim Bail to 22 Anti-CAA Protestors

On September 9th, the Supreme Court granted bail to 22 anti CAA protestors. The accusation against them was of attacking the police during the anti CAA protest which took place on December 19, 2019. The Supreme Court stayed the Karnataka High Court Order granting bail to these persons on March

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SC: State Governments have Authority to Prescribe a Fee for Reserving Registration Number for Motor Vehicles

On August 26, the Hon’ble Supreme Court held that the states can charge a prescribed fee for the assignment of “distinctive marks” i.e. registration numbers to motor vehicles as a distinct service. Facts of the Case The registering authority in Madhya Pradesh rejected the allotment of registration number ‘MP-KL-4646’ by

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SC Dismisses the Civil Appeal filed by Avitel India Against HSBC

SC dismissed the Civil Appeal filed by Avitel India against HSBC about arbitration proceedings. It held that HSBC has made out a strong prima facie case. The principal amount of USD 60 million awarded to HSBC in the final arbitral award should be completely kept apart in the manner indicated

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