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Telangana HC Declares Sub-Inspector and Police Constable Not Guilty Of Bribery

On 10.06.2021, the Telangana High court had allowed the Criminal Appeal of the Sub-Inspector and Police Constable. It was against the previous order of the Trial Court relating to the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988.

Service of Planting Totalisator in Races Is Similar to Stock Broker or Travel Agent: Karnataka High Court 

On 02.06.2021, the Karnataka High Court had allowed a Writ Petition filed under Article 226 of the Constitution of India regarding the amendment of Rule 31A(3) in the Central Goods and Service Tax Rules. 

Order of Transfer Titled as Movement Order Is Still a Transfer Order: Karnataka High Court

On 24.05.2021, the Karnataka High Court had heard the plea of a 58 years-old BSF officer regarding his transfer order two years before his retirement via video-conferencing. 

Karnataka HC Allows Petition Relating to Retirement Age As Per AICTE Guidelines

On 24.05.2021, the Karnataka High Court had heard a Writ Petition of a 60 years-old Petitioner seeking to entitle the age of retirement up to 65 years as per the guidelines of AICTE.

‘No Objection Certificate’ Under Grant of Quarrying Lease Is ‘Qua’ Land and Not ‘Qua’ Applicant: Karnataka High Court 

On 24.05.2021, the Karnataka High Court had heard two Writ Petitions simultaneously praying to quash the order passed by the State Government of Karnataka on 20.06.2018 regarding the grant of quarrying lease for minor pink granite land.

Karnataka HC: Test Identification Parade Tests the Memory of the Witnesses

On 6.05.2021, the Karnataka High Court had allowed an appeal of criminal nature in part relating to the subject of homicidal death.

“Without Prejudice Rule” Is Part of Public Policy: Karnataka High Court

On 6.05.2021, the Karnataka High Court had passed a judgment on a matter filed via Regular First Appeal against the order passed by a lower court regarding the recovery of money. The court exclaimed that the Courts could not encourage “sophistry” and “hairsplitting” while discussing the without prejudice rule. 

Kerala HC Directs Authority Concerned to Issue Community Certificate in “Prescribed Format”

On 11.05.2021, the Kerala High had heard the plea of a 28-year-old seeking the post of Food Security Officer, praying to direct the Respondent to issue a Community Certificate in the prescribed format immediately.

Andhra Pradesh High Court Allows Writ Petition for Appointment of Vice-Chancellor at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in Accordance With Law

On 7.05.2021, the Andhra Pradesh High Court had heard the Writ Petition via Video Conferencing on the subject of issuing a Quo Warranto contending that the appointment of the Vice-Chancellor at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University(JNTU) was void ab initio. The PIL was allowed by the court. 

Registration of Marriage Does Not Imply a Valid and Legal Marriage: Telangana High Court

In a recent matter related to a government servant’s legal heir and release of family pension, the Telangana High Court had observed that the second marriage would not be considered valid and legal even though it was registered in the Marriage Registrar office.

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