The Need to Define Freedom of Speech Contours for Indian Media

The freedom of speech of the press in India and the extent to which it extends is a pertinent question today. On one end, the pandemic has seen a rise in arrests of journalists. These arrests are a threat...

Political Prisoners and COVID‘s Double-Edged Sword for Those Awaiting Trial

The COVID pandemic has delayed judicial proceedings on one end. On the other end, it poses serious health risks for those kept in overcrowded jails. Thereby, the pandemic has become a double-edged sword for those awaiting trials. Bail as the...

Arrest of Anti CAA Student Activists of ‘Pinja Tod’, Is Delhi Police Misusing Lockdown?

While the Country has been in lockdown, the police have arrested many anti – Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) student protestors. The police claim that they are investigating their role in inciting violence. But activists and student organisations have deemed it...

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