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Bail Granted To Dalit Labour Activist, Naudeep Kaur by Punjab and Haryana High Court

Justice Avneesh Jhingan in his order stated that “It would be appropriate to say that the right to peaceful protest is circumscribed by a thin line. The crossing of line may change the colour of protest. It would be subject matter of trial as to whether the line for peaceful protest was crossed in the alleged incident or not.”

State Should Compensate For Unforeseen Death Or Medical Injury: Madras High Court

The order stated that “when a patient is admitted to a hospital and suffers any injury or death which is not anticipated to occur in the normal course of events, even in the absence of medical negligence, the government is obliged to disburse ex-gratia to the affected party.”

Private Medical College Fees To Be Neither Excessive Or Exploitative: Supreme Court

The case was filed with respect to the exorbitant fees that were being levied by the private medical colleges in the state of Kerala. The Kerala High Court had ordered the Admission and Fee Regulatory Committee that the audited sheets should be examined to see whether the management expenditure was excluded or not.

No Bail For Amazon Prime Video’s Tandav Maker Aparna Purohit Rules Allahabad High Court

The Tandav Controversy is well known to all. The show which is aired on the online streaming platform Amazon Prime Video hurt the sentiments of a particular religion and degraded the stature of police. The said case with mention to an anticipatory bail which was filed by Aparna Purohit, the commercial head of Amazon Prime Video.

Centre Opposes Plea To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage: Delhi High Court

The Centre in its plea negated the need for same-sex marriages. With respect to the Navtej Singh judgement, they stated that “only made a limited declaration to decriminalize a particular human behavior, which was a penal offence under S.377 IPC. The said declaration was neither intended to nor did, in fact, legitimize the conduct in question.”

Separate Magistrates Cadre To Monitor Evidence Collection By Police: Supreme Court

There are police investigations, in which the investigating team goes to the scene of the crime, and forgets to pick up crucial evidence. If a Magistrate is associated with the investigation, there will be a greater sense of responsibility for the police.

Aided School Teachers Cannot Contest In Elections: Kerala High Court

There were 5 writ petitions filed before the Kerala High Court with regard to Rule 56 of the Kerala Education Rules and Section 2 (IV) of the Legislative Assembly (Removal of Disqualifications) Act. These laws bestowed on the teachers of aided schools the power to contest in elections. These provisions were challenged on grounds of being violative of fundamental rights.

Advocates And Court Staff Vaccination Should Be A Priority: Plea In Delhi High Court

The plea has been filed by Advocate Manashwy Jha. It is an appeal to the high court to not proceed with the physical hearing that is scheduled to start on March 15th, 2021. The plea stated that the Court should wait till the advocates and court officers are vaccinated before resuming physical hearings.

Police Case Against Woman Who Filed False Rape Complaint: Kerala High Court

The Court expressed its indignation by stating that “Based on a false complaint, a person is in jail for about 77 days. This Court cannot shut its eye in such situations.”

Right To Choose and Right To Marry Is a Well-Recognized Right: Himachal Pradesh High Court

The Court stated that “We are living in a State governed by the Constitution and discrimination on the basis of caste by denying of right to choose spouse, is in violation of Fundamental Rights guaranteed under the Constitution of India.”

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