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Sister’s March for Women’s Rights

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The historic women’s/ sister’s march across the world has started to stand on the sworn in ceremony of Donald Trump. Over one million people have joined the march to protest over his administration.

The march took place in more than 75 countries around the globe. The women chanting slogans such as, “women united will never be defeated” and “when women right are under attack, what do we do, stand up, fight back.” [Protestors rally worldwide in solidarity with Washington March by Laura Smith-Spark]

The biggest Sister March has taken place in Washington, where many people have joined to protest against Trump while heading towards the White House.

Many celebrities and activists who were a part of the sister march have targeted the views of Trump against women, Muslims, and immigration. Many feared that the women’s rights will be attacked during his term.

The march across America has taken place in several places such as Boston, Los Angeles, Washington, New York. In order to protest against Trump taking the office, marches have been also started in Europe and London to support other women. In London, more than 14,000 people have signed up for the sister’s march and as much as 220 thousand people have signed up for the sister march in Washington. Though the major reason for the march is not the Anti-Trump Protest but to safeguard the rights of women.

According to Beth Garner, one of the organisers of the Sister’s March “ From the very beginning it has been our aim to bring groups together in order to create a unified force that fights for the rights of the most marginalised and disadvantaged.” [Women’s March: All the US Protests taking place, in one map by Maya Oppenheim]

In South America, the march is all about human rights violation whereas the march in Antarctica and Australia is about an environment, which is a major concern there. In India, the march is all about the rights of women and against the victim-blaming scenario in our country.

The global women’s march has taken a form to take a stand against the human rights violation of women across the world. Thousands of people have gathered together to “Stand Up to Racism” campaign in the United States of America. The Sister’s March across the world also includes the campaign in Antarctica on “Penguins for Peace” on an expedition ship. [Women’s movement powder keg ignited by Trump election by Alexandra Topping]

The Sister March in Nigeria has targeted the controversial gender equality law bill, which has been set to pass in the House of Assembly. This bill has already been voted down twice before due to the cultural and religious differences in the country. “This is an Opportunity for us to speak with a very loud voice,” says Pwakim Jacob who is a human rights advocate in Nigeria. [Women’s march on Washington will have sister’s march in over 75 countries by Isis Madrid]

Though the aims are different, the destination is different still the women across the world have come together in different countries at the same time to stand united against the world to fight against the similar cause i.e., human rights violation. Women across the world stand together on January 20th, 2017 to create a history to make a difference in the world and to make the country a safe place for the women to live without making others looked down upon them.

This shows the unity of women, despite the differences of the socio-economic and political lines, that human rights of women are important to ignore the differences. These marches create a radical thinking in all the people, which connects a different kind of people who come together and learn from each other to make the place better for people. The thought to make a difference today for a better tomorrow has been achieved by the Sister March across the world.

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