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Humanity put to shame once again in Haryana

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“Here, from her ashes you lay. A broken girl so lost in despondency that you know that even if she does find her way out of this labyrinth in hell, that she will never see, feel, taste, or touch life the same again.”
Amanda Steele

She aspired to be a doctor and had the resoluteness to become one against all odds. But now a sombre mood is the only thing that prevails in the village of Kurukshetra, Haryana. With yet another barbaric rape incident in Haryana, the tally goes to nine a week. The half- naked body of a fifteen year old school girl was found on Saturday, near a canal about 100 kilometres away in Jind. The girl went missing on Tuesday after she had left her home for tuition. A torn shirt was the only thing that covered her up.

The victim’s body was found to have 19 injuries, with her lungs and kidney raptured and it was evident from the injuries that some kind of foreign object was inserted in her private part which resulted in deep internal bleeding (stated in the medical report of Dr S K Dattarwal, Head of PGIMS, Rohtak Forensic Department).

Adding to the report, he said, “The body had many injury marks, the private parts were mutilated and there were lot of internal injuries. Signs of sexual assault are visible and looks like three-four people were responsible, a hard and blunt thing was inserted inside her, signs of drowning also found [ANI, January 15, 2018].”

He said that it was noticeable that the girl struggled to escape but somebody sat on her chest.

She was cremated on Sunday.

Prime Suspects

A Class 12 student is the prime suspect in the rape and murder of the girl and he is on the run, said the police. On Sunday, Police detained six people from her native village of Jhansa.

“The police have detained some people suspecting their involvement but the main accused is still at large. We are conducting raids to arrest him.” Abhishek Garg, Kurukshetraa Superintendent of Police said.

The accused Class 12 student lives in the girl’s neighbourhood and is suspected to be a minor. And so, his name is not being disclosed by the Police yet.

Appeal for Justice

The victim’s father wants nothing less than capital punishment for the culprits. “My daughter was killed brutally, I want justice for her. I cannot fight a long battle for justice but I appeal to the police to send her criminals behind the bars,” the girl’s father said while speaking to reporters [Hindustan Times, January 15, 2018].

The family of the teen demand the case to be handed over to CBI, Rs 50 Lakh from Nirbhaya fund, a government job and two arms licences.

The Haryana Minister KK Bedi has assured the family to release compensation and provide justice within reasonable time.

Rape must Come to an End

The rate at which an offense like rape is committed in our country is appalling. This inhumane incident takes place only thirteen days after the rape of six year old girl in Hisaar.

Despite bold initiatives and good intentions, hopeful promises and campaign slogans, the crime is growing by the day and a sense of terror has been developing amongst the women class of the society. The main problem is that we try to teach women how to defend themselves from being raped, instead of telling men not to rape.

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